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Overton Park guides runners down a quiet path through the peaceful neighborhood of the same name, dodging the traffic and crowds of Texas Christian University for a pleasant stroll in a place filled with nature without leaving the city.

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3.0 miles

To add distance, take the longer route at the east when you reach the north end of the park. It forms a longer loop.

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5.1 miles


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Overton Park resides in the Tanglewood neighborhood of the same name, a few miles west of Texas Christian University and east of Hulen Street. Dodging the bustling city all around, Overton Park offers a much more secluded path for runners to make laps in peace. The paved, unmarked paths wind through trees along the nearby creek and along the residential road, passing by affluent houses. Cyclists and runners alike share the road, so runners should be wary of others as they run. But the wide path offers plenty of room.

What Makes It Great

The long path begins as a connection of the larger Foster Park trail to the south. Runners can amble northward up the flat path encountering no hills and a pleasant run. For those looking to break into a major sweat, many long straightaways of uninterrupted path can offer perfect room for sprinting.

After passing over Bellaire Drive to the north, runners will reach a less-traveled section of the park. This path passes a playground across from an elementary school, and then eventually loops around to the west side of the creek, where runners can head back south. Those looking for an even longer and more secluded run can follow the east path deeper into the park and the neighborhood until the path loops.

Heading southward down the loop offers a mirror path to the east side. After crossing Bellaire on the west side, runners can find a path leading further west, which unites upon the Trinity River, and connects to the larger Trinity Trails System. Runners looking for a little extra distance often head down this path, loop around once they reach the river, and return to Overton Park’s main path.

Further south, the western paved path ends. Those seeking only paved paths are encouraged to follow the pedestrian sidewalks of Ranch View Road and cross to the east side of the creek. A bridge is available before the western path ends. Those who want a more secluded and rough run can continue on the west side of the creek down a dirt path created by joggers. This path winds through trees, and while offering a slightly more challenging run than the paved path, runners should be aware of rocks and tree roots along the dirt road. The dirt road abruptly ends along the street it borders, Inwood Road. Runners who wish to continue this improvised loop may reunite with the east end of the paved path via a bridge after a short walk along the curb of the road. This bridge is a very short distance from the beginning of the Overton Park trail, offering a nearly perfect loop, as well as easy access for those who wish to return to Foster Park.

Who is Going to Love It

Runners looking for an easy, moderate length run, in a convenient and quiet neighborhood will find themselves at home in Overton Park. Beyond the simple paths which offer a lot of scenery during the run, there is also a short dirt path created by joggers. This path winds through trees, and while offering a slightly more challenging run than the paved path, runners should be aware of rocks and tree roots along the dirt road. Several bridges cross the river, allowing runners wishing for a longer run multiple options for loops.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

From Texas Christian University, drivers can take W Berry St. until it becomes Bellaire Dr. Following the road, they will encounter Overton park on either side. From Hulen St., drivers simply may turn on Bellaire Dr. and locate the park on either side. Those who wish to enter to the park from the Foster Park trail may find a parking lot at Foster Park’s entrance, just off of Granbury Rd. along Trail Lake Drive.

Parking at Overton Park can be found throughout the long residential road along the path. There are no parking restrictions here, although it is good manners to park alongside the park trail, and not in front of the houses.

Dogs are allowed, although owners must clean up after their pets. The park closes at dusk, and runners are advised not to run after dark for risk of a police citation. Police frequently ticket those who do not move their cars from the Foster Park parking lot after sundown.

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