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Trinity Park offers a pleasant and safe path for individuals to run with full view of the Trinity River and downtown, with full access the the rest of the Trinity Trails.

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2.5 miles

Taking the exiting trails can lengthen trip dramatically.

Destination Distance From Downtown

1.9 miles


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Time To Complete

0 hours

If you take the loop, you can return to the beginning. Multiple exits to the park connecting to longer stretches of road running trails can extend your run greatly, as can routes that take runners out and back.


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Trinity Park is elongated stretch of greenery, playgrounds, and hills along the western side of the Trinity River. It predominantly features its concrete path which is used primarily by runners, joggers, and cyclists. With multiple methods to enter and exit the park as a continuation of the larger Trinity Trails, runners have access to a route with many different length options with a convenient location.

What Makes It Great

Beginning under the highway bridge at University, the long run takes runners past a open-air gazebo and playground. The path bends only slightly as the river curves, allowing for the breezy space with a perfect view of the downtown skyline to the east and a lush line of green trees to the west. Several bridges offer joggers access to a new road and cycling path on the east side of the Trinity which leads into downtown.

On the north end of the park, runners will pass near the antique train that is operated from the nearby zoo, where children and families frequently pass by and wave with delightful toots of the old-fashioned horn when the train passes overhead.

At the furthest northern point, the river comes to a fork. Runners may choose to loop back to the east side across the bridge and head toward the south to the main section of Trinity Park. Those looking for a longer run may head northwest connecting to the northwest paths of the Trinity Trails, or may continue east across a second bridge which leads to the eastern section of the Trinity Trails System which loops very far around the north and eastern sides of the downtown.

Who is Going to Love It

For those wishing for a convenient running space very close to downtown Fort Worth, this is the ideal location.The unmarked path takes it along the edge of the slope that descends to the water's edge, with several small levees which allows for those wishing to take a break to hike down and inspect the water. With some of the path shaded and some exposed to the sun, it makes it a simple run that only becomes difficult during the extreme heat of the summer. During summer, several misting stations are erected alongside the path so runners can stop and cool off. The path also offers many benches and water fountains for those who need a rest.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

For those walking or cycling to the park, access can be found at the many bridges passing over the park from the Downtown mentioned before. For those driving, access is found at Rock Springs Road off of University Drive, across from the Botanical gardens. Parking is available along the street bordering the central area of the park. There is a parking lot near the center of the park near a playground, and many simply leave their vehicles alongside the road leading into the park. There are no fees for parking.

Dogs are allowed. The park is closed after dusk and into the night, and patrolling police officers are known to hand out parking citations for those who leave their vehicles in the park after sunset.

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Trinity Park

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