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Fun run in Eagle Mountain Park Ft. Worth Texas

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Rani Bartlett


5.8 miles

Total mileage of all loop trails and off shoots

Destination Distance From Downtown

42.6 miles


2 of 5 diamonds

Relatively flat ground a few inclines. Paved trail progresses into well worn dirt path. Take at least two liters of water.

Time To Complete

0 hours


Spring and Fall

Fall is the best season to experience this park. This park is dry and can be overly hot during the summer. There is no water bring at least a liter with you.

Dog Friendly


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Eagle Mountain Park Trail Maps

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Eagle Mountain Park



Eagle Mountain Lake Park is located on the edge of North West Ft. Worth. The park overlooks the edge of Eagle Mountain Lake and has numerous trails that total 5.78 miles worth of trails. It is billed as "where the prairie meets the timbers" which is an apt description. The Dallas/ Ft. Worth area is mostly shorter trees and this is on the edge of that break, where the land changes into rolling Prairie. Because of this it is more dry than the rest of the DFW area but still more humid than your average arid zone due to the proximity of it to the lake. Bring a lot of water; it will be easy to dehydrate here in the summer. The other interesting feature is an area with an old windmill and barn structures. The locals often show up at sunset to take family and engagement pictures.

What Makes It Great

This trail is good for beginner trail runners, being mostly flat with a few gently sloping hills. It also has a beautiful view of the lake. It is a 400-acre conservation area so be prepared to be more impressed with the animals present on it more than the land itself. It has an incredible view of the lake and is spread out enough that you don't feel as if you have to repeat portions of the trail to see something different. If you want a bit of a challenge you can run off trail, there are quite a few game trails leading off the main path that are unmarked. If you choose to do this where pants or gaiters, there is a lot of bush and cacti to deal with but it does force you to negotiate more challenging terrain. Overall there is something for everyone here and the trail is well maintained and marked. There are also two pavilions at the entry way, one houses information for the area and the other is a rest area. 

Who is Going to Love It

Families, trail runners, and orienteering enthusiasts will love this park. The trail is easily accessible and wide. There are a few gently sloping hills so if you are new to trail running or training for orienteering this is a good place for you to start. If you are leading a boy scout troop this is a good place to introduce them to hiking, and basic map and compass skills. It should be noted that the area is dry and hot even in the fall so bring at least 2 liters of water for yourself. This is also a great place to take family, or engagement photos. There is a handicapped accessible over look also that provides a beautiful view of the lake.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Open seven days a week from dawn until 30 minutes after sunset.

Day Use Only—Gates close 30 minutes after sunset

No motorized vehicles off designated roadways

No campfires

No dogs

No horses

No bicycles

No firearms, hunting or fireworks

No public consumption or display of alcoholic beverages

No littering

Pack out all trash

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Eagle Mountain Park

11601 Morris Dido Newark Rd
Fort Worth, TX, 76179
32.935446, -97.48015

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