Govnr's Park Tavern

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This is a popular sports bar with good food and drink, and an eclectic mix of patrons.

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Aaron Bible


Governor's Park, Govnr’s Park, Gov’s, whatever you want to call it, this is a popular meet up spot for sports fans of all types. They’ve got plenty of TVs, a good pool room, two bars, and good bar-type food to comfort a grumbling belly.

It’s a convenient place to meet from any direction in Denver...easy to get to from downtown, Wash Park, Cap Hill, Baker, or Cherry Creek. It’s named after the neighborhood in which it resides, just south/east of downtown via Speer Blvd.

While not necessarily “outdoorsy,” it’s a fun spot, with folks of all types, plenty of both genders to keep things interesting, and very bike friendly. There’s a Thursday night cruiser bike social ride that meets here, often with prizes and drink specials.

It’s good place to fuel up after a long ski day or mountain bike ride where you’ve really burned some calories, and it’s an especially hot hang out for big games, no matter what city you represent.

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Govnr's Park Tavern

672 Logan Street
Denver, CO, 80203
39.726947, -104.981946

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