My Brother's Bar

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Laid back, friendly joint where outdoor athletes (no matter how tight their spandex) will be treated like family.

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Aaron Bible


Also located in the Platte Street development area just a few blocks from downtown, My Brother’s Bar has developed a reputation over the years as a laid back, outdoor athlete, friendly joint.

The food is predictable, yet better than average; especially if you don’t lean too far toward the health nut side of things. But they do have an excellent veggie burger.

It’s a casual hang out for post-river, post-run or post-ride imbibing activities. And it really is a Denver staple -- worth checking out regardless of your culinary proclivities.

Sure there are plenty of high-end and dependable restaurants downtown, but this is called My Brother’s Bar for a reason: everyone who comes here is treated like family, or at least you can relax like family, even on a busy night. You could probably even show up in spandex or whatever outrageous workout attire you might be sporting. Catch a yoga class over on Platte Street, do some shopping, and check out the other offerings nearby.

But for a solid, laid back, somewhat upscale burger joint, don’t miss this gem.

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My Brother's Bar

2376 15th St
Denver, CO, 80202
39.756037, -105.009384

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