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  • Trains, Planes, and Trails: How Colorado is Always on the Move (and How this is Re-Shaping the Future)

  • What's New at Colorado Ski Resorts for the 2016-2017 Season

  • Beat the Winter Blues: 6 Perfectly Cozy Cottages, Huts, and Cabins in Colorado

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  1. So, You Want to Run the TransRockies?

    In August 2017, RootsRated Media Editor, Abbie Mood, took on the epic 3-day TransRockies stage race. Here, she offers six insider tips about what to expect.

  2. The Great Electric Road Trip

    Chevy's Bolt EV takes on the Rocky Mountains in this Colorado road test. The great electric road trip is on! See how the Bolt did on this adventure from Denver to Rocky Mountain National Park.

  3. A Visit to Southern Colorado's Strange and Wonderful UFO Watchtower

    North of Hooper, a tiny, isolated town along Highway 17 near Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park, lies a roadside oddity where UFO enthusiasts and curious passers-by can camp under unpolluted skies and hope for otherworldly sightings.

  4. How to Bikepack the Colorado Trail

    In 2013, Richard Forbes biked the entire 486-mile Colorado Trail. Here, he provides a tell-all guide on how to do it right.

  5. Why is All the Tech Talent Moving to Colorado?

    Denver is home to the third-highest concentration of tech workers in the country, with big companies like Google, Comcast, IBM, Verizon, and Oracle calling the Centennial State home.

  6. A Guide to the Perfect Outdoorsy Weekend in Carbondale, Colorado

    This small town is big on adventure. Here, insider tips for an outdoorsy weekend in Carbondale.

  7. The Road to Recovery: From Traumatic Brain Injury to Running 100 Miles

    In 2015, Kristin Gablehouse was involved in a freak cycling collision and thrown from her bike suffering a traumatic brain injury that turned her life upside down. She now runs 100-mile ultras to cope with hopes of returning to a normal life.

  8. A Guide to Dispersed Camping in the Mountain West

    In the Mountain West, finding a quiet, picturesque and free campsite is a lot easier to do than you might think. Here are a few helpful things to know.

  9. One Gear Tester's Favorite Gear from 2016

    From mountain bikes and snowboards to camera tripods and stoves, here's one gear tester's guide to the best gear of 2016.

  10. The Fascinating Story Behind Wheeler Geologic Area

    Tucked into a hidden valley below the crest of the La Garita Mountains, Wheeler Geologic Area is an enchanting city of volcanic rocks that surprisingly sees only fifteen visitors per day. Here's why you should visit.

  11. Meet Sydney Gart: The 16-Year-Old Dynamo Leading Colorado's Next Generation of the Outdoor Industry

    Sydney Gart may only be 16 years old, but she has more experience in the political world than most adults.

  12. Ski School Spotlight: 7 Resorts with Fantastic Ski Workshops

    Learn to ski and snowboard—or improve your skills—at these fantastic ski schools and workshops in Colorado, Utah, and California.

  13. How to Get into Backcountry Skiing or Snowboarding in Colorado

    Backcountry skiing or snowboarding in Colorado is an epic adventure. Here, insider tips on how to rip out of bounds.

  14. 7 Non-Profit Groups Making Waves for Colorado Conservation and Stewardship

    Colorado non-profits build and maintain trails, advocate for public lands, and teach stewardship skills.

  15. 7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Colorado for Grad School

    Colorado is an excellent place for both education and outdoors opportunities. Here are 7 reasons to pick a grad school in Colorado.

  16. Trains, Planes, and Trails: How Colorado is Always on the Move (and How this is Re-Shaping the Future)

    Colorado's public transportation, bikeways, and trail networks help keep residents moving. This "on-the-move" mentality and easy access to the great outdoors helps make it one of the healthiest states in the nation and a draw for tourist around the world.

  17. Why Are So Many of Outside Magazine's Best Companies to Work For from Colorado?

    Many Colorado businesses have jumped at the opportunity to prioritize a work/life balance and have in turn become sought after places of employment.

  18. Backpacking Ice Lakes Basin: Big Views, Low Impact

    Set in a verdant alpine bowl in the San Juan Mountains, Ice Lakes Basin could easily be one of the most scenic spots in Colorado. Here are just a few simple tips for ensuring it can be enjoyed for many more years to come.

  19. There are No "Secret Spots"

    A manifesto for informed outdoor recreation on public land.

  20. What's New at Colorado Ski Resorts for the 2016-2017 Season

    Check out how winter resorts are wooing skiers and snowboarders this year.

  21. 6 (More) Stellar Hot Springs in Colorado

    Dip into these lesser-known hot waters throughout the Centennial State.

  22. 10 Must-Do Adventures in Ouray

    Wedged in a tight canyon in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, adventures abound in Ouray -- the "Switzerland of America"

  23. Canoeing Colorado's Lower Gunnison River: The Perfect Beginner Trip

    This stretch of water is an easygoing entry into self-supported adventures. Here, insider tips on canoeing the Lower Gunnison River.

  24. Rappelling down Rapids: Jump into Colorado Canyoning in Ouray

    This mountain town is fast becoming a hub of this thrilling sport. Here, how to get started canyoning in Ouray.

  25. Weekend Epic: 14er Triple-Header in Colorado’s Sangre de Cristos

    Tackle Challenger, Kit Carson, and Humboldt in a one-two-three punch of these hardcore Colorado 14ers.

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