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  1. Five Awesome Colorado Zip Lines

    Colorado zip lines are popping up all over the state. Take your adventure to new heights with these five adrenaline-fueling picks.

  2. The Best Trail to Tavern Pairings in Denver

    With the third-highest number of microbreweries per capita in the country, it's no surprise Colorado's favorite recovery beverage is beer. Here are the best trail-to-tavern pairings in the Denver area.

  3. Colorado's 7 Best Swimming Holes

    If you're ready for the thrill and chill of jumping into pure, cold, Rocky Mountain water, then this is the list for you!

  4. Lael Wilcox: A Rising Star in the Bikepacking World

    Lael Wilcox is a quickly rising star in the world of bikepacking. She's one to watch in the TransAm Bike Race, starting June 4.

  5. 10 Things to Know Before Hiking Longs Peak

    Tips for hiking Longs Peak in Colorado that will help ensure a great experience on this classic Colorado 14er.

  6. Colorado Couloir Climbing: 10 Tips to Get Started

    Snow climbing is a fun, challenging way to to scale the mountains. Here, 10 insider tips to get started Colorado couloir climbing.

  7. 10 Insider Tips for the BolderBOULDER

    Here are some insider tips for the BolderBOULDER 10K happening in Boulder, Colo. on Memorial Day this year.

  8. Adventurous Ways to Celebrate Memorial Weekend in Boulder and Beyond

    Choose from plenty of adventurous ways to celebrate Memorial Weekend in Boulder and beyond, from bike and foot races to festivals galore.

  9. Unveiling the Lion's Lair Trail on Mount Sanitas

    Boulder's Lion's Lair Trail up Mount Sanitas offers a new look at the classic mountain hike, exploring the more wild side of Mount Sanitas.

  10. Brainard Lake Peak Bagging: An Insider's Guide

    Some of the best summits in the Indian Peaks await at Brainard Lake. Here's how to bag some peaks, no matter what level of hiker you are.

  11. Circle Boulder by Bicycle on June 7

    Learn how to take advantage of the city's world-class bike system during the annual Circle Boulder by Bicycle event, set for June 7.

  12. 5 Awesome Colorado 13ers to Hike this Summer

    Colorado's famous 14ers are great, but for more solitude and just as much challenge, consider these 5 Colorado 13ers to hike this summer.

  13. Off-the-Beaten-Path: The Outdoor Adventurer's Guide to a Weekend round Boulder

    From exploring nearby trails to indulging in some of the town's best beer spots and eateries, here is Chaco's guide to a weekend in Boulder.

  14. Get After It in Grand Junction: An Adventurous Weekend Escape

    About four hours from Boulder, this sporty mountain town beckons adventurers. Here's how to make the most of a Grand Junction weekend trip.

  15. Colorado Hut Trips: 8 Insider Tips for Planning Your First

    Colorado hut trips are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with friends, but you'll need some planning and prep before tackling one.

  16. 5 Great State Parks Near Denver to Visit in Spring

    From sandstone formations at Roxborough State Park to aspen groves of Golden Gate Canyon, here are some great state parks near Denver.

  17. Ski (or Snowshoe) to a Colorado Backcountry Feast

    Turkey and stuffing are great, but for an unforgettable holiday meal, why not consider a Colorado backcountry feast? Here, 3 ways to dig in.

  18. A Quick and Dirty Guide to Road Running in Denver

    The Mile High City is chock-full of spots for a run. Here's where to lace up your sneakers for some great road running in Denver.

  19. The Captivating Story of Staunton State Park

    Staunton State Park is Colorado's newest state park. Visit it now to take advantage of its pristine wilderness.

  20. Insider’s Guide to Spectating the USA Pro Challenge in Colorado

    The USA Pro Challenge in Colorado will showcase cycling elites battling it out over 617 grueling miles. Here, a handy spectator's guide.

  21. 8 Awesome Whitewater Parks in Colorado

    With the water raging, now is prime time to visit these eight incredible whitewater parks in Colorado.

  22. 3 Easy Ways to Give Back to the Outdoor Community

    It’s no secret that the trails we love require constant maintenance to stay in great shape. Here are 3 easy ways to give back to the outdoor community this season.

  23. How to Pick a 2016-2017 Colorado Ski Pass

    Ski season will be here before you know it. Here's everything you need to know about choosing a 2015-2016 Colorado ski pass.

  24. Find Your Adventure at the Nation’s Largest Trails Celebration

    In June 2016, the American Hiking Society will kick off the 24th annual National Trails Day—a fantastic celebration of the outdoors and the largest trail celebration in America.

  25. 3 Reasons to Get Avy Savvy This Winter

    Like most things worth doing, skiing the backcountry comes at a price. Here are 3 reasons why you need to get avy savvy this winter.

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