Cecil Cove Loop

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Destination Distance From Downtown

52.1 miles


3 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

2.5 hours


The best way to do this trail is clockwise from the trailhead for a nice 7.4 mile loop, which is adjacent from the old Erbie church. Lucky you, there are two pit toilets at the trailhead, so no need for cat holes! You'll follow the trail less than a mile before hitting the Beaver Pond/Van Dyke Spring where you should expect a wet water crossing in the spring, fall, and winter months. Trekking poles are nice for stability, but not necessary. If rainfall has been minimal, the beavers have done a wonderful job of creating an adequate pathway. For the first half of the trail, you follow Cecil Creek bed. You will pass a few caves that are unfortunately closed due to bat issues, but the hike is pretty nonetheless. There are several sightseeing opportunities in the form of an old rock wall, Jone's Cemetery, and Jone's homestead before you get to the Erbie/Compton road. From the road, you will follow it down less than a 1/4 of a mile before heading down the Farmer's trail to the Farmer's farmstead (please note: you can follow Erbie/Compton road back to the trailhead if you do not want to do the whole loop). At the Farmer's farmstead, you will head left (right will take you to Camp Orr). Follow the signs towards "Goat Bluffs." There are some great views of the Buffalo River from this small section of trail. This trail drops down from the bluffs along an old stair case to river level. Take this trail east and it will take you to the Buchanan-Clagett Farmstead. From here, you take the road left to go back to the church/trailhead. OR, you can head back along the goat bluff trail, up the stone steps, and when you get to the trail intersection at the top of the bluffs you can head back to Erbie Horse camp and get back to the church that way as well. Be sure to take an updated map/guide book as the spurs and various homesteads can be confusing. Directions from Fayetteville, AR: Head east of Fayetteville on hwy 45 through Goshen. Merge onto hwy 412 E and take follow until Osage, AR. Turn right on 103 and head south. At junction 43, turn left/north on hwy 43 to Compton. Across the street from the gas station you will turn right onto County Road 19 and head south on the dirt road. You will take this dirt road into Erbie and the trailhead is on the left side of the road. From here you can also see the old Erbie church, which is well worth exploring.

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Cecil Cove Loop

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