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Pedestal Rock is an easily accessed trail system with two distinct loops containing spectacular views, tall cliffs, beautiful rock formations and shallow caves. You might find yourself wanting to stay a few nights!

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Brian O'Dea

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70.8 miles


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2-4 Hours



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Nestled in the heart of the Ozarks and directly off Highway 16 in the small town of Witt Springs you'll find Arkansas's Pedestal Rock Scenic Area. With two separate trails, dozens of nooks and crannies to hideaway within the bluffs and plenty of views to gather directly from the trails, you'll be sure to leave filled with plenty of satisfaction by the time you manage to draw yourself away from such an expeditious location.
What Makes it Great
It takes roughly 15 minutes before you stumble upon multiple bluffs and overlooks once you embark on the trail, which is easily accessed from the simple gravel parking lots directly off Highway 16. The trail is fairly clear and decently maintained, so you shouldn't have any difficulty staying oriented. From the main trail you'll come across a split that allows you to take either the Pedestal Rock loop or Kings Bluff loop. Though the trails aren't very long, respectively 1.7 miles for the Kings Bluff loop and 2.2 miles for the Pedestal Rocks loops, the hike can be somewhat strenuous due to lofty terrain. Bring some water; you'll need it. 
 If you choose to do a bit of exploring on the Pedestal Rocks loops along the bottom of the bluffs, you'll find a multitude of decent sized caves great for overnight camping for a family or small group. You could easily fit about 3-4 tents and 12 or so people inside of the largest cave, plus the caves are incredibly easy to access and maneuver with tall ceilings and a very open floor plan. Fire pits are easy to spot as well, but I wouldn't suggest making the mistake of lighting a nice bonfire inside one of the caves.
Who is Going to Love It
Anyone who enjoys taking in great views and exploring caves with family & friends will find this trail system quite attractive. Though it's not quite best suited for the little ones, any kid 10 & older should have a great time. There are fairly tall drop offs in numerous areas, but many of them have a barrier system to prevent accidental falls over the edge, but I'd still maintain caution because there are still plenty of dangerous drop off points that aren't marked. Overall, it's definitely worth a trip.
Directions, Fees & Amenities
Take Arkansas 7 to Pelsor, turn East on Arkansas 16 and drive 6 miles. The trail access is to the south side of the highway. This trail is open year round. There are no fees associated with this area. A vault toilet can be found by the gravel parking area.

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Pedestal Rock - Hiking

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