Lake Fayetteville

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Destination Distance From Downtown

4.9 miles


2 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

1-1.5 hours


4 season

Dog Friendly

Yes, on leash

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Lake Fayetteville is one of Fayetteville's best in-town playgrounds for runners, bikers, families, and disc golfers. Recently redone by Progressive Trail Design and the OORC, the dirt track around the lake now hits about 7-7.5 miles (depending on the GPS or use of spur trails). This trail is multi-use and serves as a great training ground for trail runners and a good place to get your bearings as a mountain biker. The new trail does have some great features for the more advanced riders though, we don't want to sell it short. The newly completed paved trail loops around the lake and is approximately 5.5 miles and can be linked to the existing bike trail that spans Fayetteville to MLK Jr. Blvd. There are several access points to get on the trail and bathrooms as well. The accessibility and the versatility of this trail make it easy to incorporate into any training routine and a must for newcomers and locals alike. 

Located and Parking

Just ½ mile north of the Northwest Arkansas Mall and Lowes on 71 business. The lake and softball fields are visible on the right.  Take the visible access road on right and follow to the parking lot at the softball fields.  The marina access and Veterans Park both close at dark.  Listen for the bell...  The parking at the softball fields is best when daylight left maybe questioned. 


Early morning and Friday evenings are the best time to run without seeing many people on the trail.  Dogs are allowed on leash. Be careful wearing headphones as there are many people using this trail and wrecks are real.

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Lake Fayetteville
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