Mount Sequoyah Woods

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Destination Distance From Downtown

1.3 miles


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Time To Complete

45 minutes


Mount Sequoyah is not exactly an unknown area to locals in Fayetteville, but its trail system is a hidden treasure located less than a mile from the town square. This series of loops, switchbacks, and spur trails winds through approximately 67 acres of city property and and additional 30 acres of donated land from the DePalma family. You can access the trail from Williams Drive (recommended starting place) and S Happy Hollow Road by the pavilion. While the outer loop of this trail is only 1.25 miles, don't be fooled by the distance. What it lacks in length it makes up for in steepness and with the ever growing trail additions you can easily create your own 3 or 4 mile adventure. This trail can be hiked, biked, and is great for trail running. The many spurs and unmapped trails make it a great area for testing out your compass and map skills as well. You never have to worry about getting too turned around though, because you will always find yourself near a known landmark. When all else fails, just go uphill and you will end up back at the Williams Drive trail head. This is also a great family outing area as there is a great pavilion, a few picnic tables, and a campfire ring. No overnights allowed, but it would be a lovely place for a weekend cookout.

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Mount Sequoyah Woods

Williams Drive
Fayetteville, AR, 72701
36.066783, -94.143173

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