Yellow Rock Trail

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Ali Williams

Destination Distance From Downtown

20.9 miles


4 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

30 minutes


This seemingly all uphill trail is well worth it. You start at the base of Campground A and head straight up the mountain, following the technical, winding trail and sets of natural stone steps along the way. There are plenty of great rock structures and overhangs. About midway through this loop you will come to an incredible vista that overlooks the entire valley. It's great for a photo opp or to catch your breath before heading back up the windy hill to complete the section of trail. Yellow Rock Trail is also a great trail for hiking with the family or if you are with a group of kids that you are looking to wear out. It's relatively short, but the steepness and technical aspect add challenge.

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Yellow Rock Trail

West Fork, AR, 72774
35.774444, -94.241667

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