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Butler Road provides an easy bike commute across town

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Jesse Weber


3.5 miles

3.5 miles one way from downtown to 4th St, with options to rid further

Destination Distance From Downtown

2.3 miles


1 of 5 diamonds

Mostly flat, with some short hills

Time To Complete

1 hours

30 mins- 1 hour


All Seasons

All seasons, but may not be safe right after snowfall

Dog Friendly

On Leash Only

Dogs are welcome on sidewalks beside the road



Butler Road is a transportation artery in Flagstaff with bike lanes on both sides. Though a busy street may not fit your description of a joyride, it makes an efficient workout or commute by bicycle. This is one of the many convenient routes that makes Flagstaff such a bikeable town. Butler Road begins near downtown and goes east, paralleling Route 66 but on the opposite side of the railroad. Route 66 has a bike path that is separate from the road, which you can ride instead of Butler to stay out of traffic.

What Makes It Great

Flagstaff is really not a big city, though the overwhelming traffic on its main roads makes this hard to believe. In reality, the main part of town is geographically small, and it’s amazing how many places you can get to without driving at all.

Butler Road is particularly convenient for getting across town. Its west end is tucked between downtown and Northern Arizona University’s campus, providing easy access to both. There is a Natural Grocers, many shops and restaurants, and the Flagstaff Climbing gym. Heading east, you will get to the REI store, Whole Foods, and Wildflower Bread Company. Keep going and there is a small coffee shop on the left. Beta Bouldering Gym is tucked away on River Run Road, directly across from the coffee shop.

From here, Butler Road goes another half mile and meets Huntington Drive at a large intersection. Continue on Huntington to eventually reach Flagstaff Aquaplex at the intersection with 4th Street. Turn left to get to East Side neighborhoods, or right to get to Fox Glenn and Country Club neighborhoods.

Though the railroad separates Butler and the Route 66 bike path, there area few go-betweens that cross the tracks. For an east-west route, take either Butler Road or the bike path, depending on your destination and stops along the way. These both make bicycle commuting in Flagstaff easy and relatively safe.

Who is Going to Love It

Many Flagstaff locals use Butler Road to bike to work or school every day, and even more use the Route 66 bike path. These are great alternatives to avoid sitting in traffic. Instead, get a little exercise on a nice day, which Flagstaff has plenty of. Visitors to town will appreciate the convenience of biking everywhere. Even if you are not used to bike commuting back home, try it in Flagstaff to get a taste of what a bike-friendly town is like. But keep in mind that weather can change quickly here, especially in summer, so it’s a good idea to carry a rain jacket and pants.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

The west end of Butler Road is at the intersection with Route 66/Milton Rd. Directly opposite Butler Road is Clay Ave. Downtown is on the north side of the road, and Northern Arizona University’s campus is on the south. From the intersection with Route 66, it is .6 miles to the intersection with Lone Tree Road and the REI Store, 1.6 miles to the big intersection with Huntington Dr, and 3.5 miles to the intersection with 4th St and the Aquaplex.

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Butler Road

1702 N 4th Street
Flagstaff, AZ, 86004
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