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Kid-friendly, paved multi-use trails through a neighborhood and forest

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2.5 miles

2.5 miles from High Country Estates to Airport

Destination Distance From Downtown

2.3 miles


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Time To Complete

1 hours

Variable depending on out-and-back distance


All Seasons


Dog Friendly


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This section of the Flagstaff Urban Trail System begins in High Country Estates neighborhood and connects with the Ponderosa Trail. From this junction it is 2.5 miles to the airport and forested areas. The paved path is somewhat distanced from the road, so it is safe for kids and dogs. It makes an excellent family outing with bikes or on foot. The scenery is nice and the area is relatively quiet, passing through meadows, pine groves, and around ponds.

What Makes It Great

The Urban Trail System is one of Flagstaff's most attractive features. It connects a plethora of routes all around and within Flagstaff, incorporating paved, gravel, and dirt paths that cover everything from flat straightaways to curvy hills. High Country Trail and Ponderosa Trails make just one stretch of this larger system, and features gently rolling terrain outside a quiet neighborhood in the south part of town.

Just outside the neighborhood, the trail parallels Pulliam Drive and passes a seasonal pond. Kids can search for frogs and watch for birds. At dusk, bats flutter around catching insects as the stars come out. When the trail nears the airport, the terrain is more forested and shady. This end is better on hot summer days.

By turning at the airport and following another trail across a bridge over the interstate, you can cross into Fort Tuthill County Park with its own network of trails. To access the rest of the Urban Trail System, take the Sinclair Wash Trail north from Fort Tuthill or the Ponderosa Trail north from High Country Estates.

Who is Going to Love It

This is one of the more popular trails in South Flagstaff, and is enjoyed by people of all ages. Kids, parents, and grandparents can all enjoy a stroll together. People who live nearby use this route for daily walks or jogs, and runners connect High Country with more of the Urban Trail System for long workouts.

Connecting High Country Estates and Flagstaff Pulliam airport, this trail is very convenient for folks who live in the area, but anyone can access it by parking in the neighborhood or in the airport lot.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

High Country Trail is a short spur within the High Country Estates neighborhood. At the intersection of Pulliam Drive and the road also named High Country Trail, it connects with Ponderosa Trail and goes about 2.5 miles south toward the airport.

To access the north end of the trail in High Country Estates, Take Lake Mary Road and turn right at the traffic light onto High Country Trail (road). Follow this until you pass the intersection with Pulliam Drive and can find a place to park in the neighborhood.

To get to the south end of Ponderosa Trail, follow the same directions but turn right on Pulliam drive and continue to the airport. You can park in the large lot here for free.

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High Country Trail

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