Blue Ridge Resevoir

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Blue Ridge Reservoir is a gorgeous boating area with plenty of camping as well.

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Though a long drive from Flagstaff, Blue Ridge offers some of the best boating south of the Grand Canyon. If starting from Flagstaff, bring camping gear because, along with the beautiful scenery and fishing, camping is also allowed along the banks. Just paddle in until you find a beautiful spot where you can set up camp!

The reservoir is a few miles long; it's narrow and quite deep and makes for some beautiful flatwater canoeing, kayaking, and even row boating. The occasional small motor boat will putter by, but for the most part, people stick to human-powered vessels.

During the summer, boats and people abound, which can make the launching dock quite crowded. Parking is up a steep, narrow hill, forcing cars to drive in reverse for a few hundred feet either before or after unloading boats.

There are no fees for parking or camping, unless you're using the developed campground a few miles away from the reservoir proper. Make sure to check for fire restrictions beforehand, as sometimes fires are not allowed. In the winter, check the website because there are seasonal closures due to ice.

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Blue Ridge Resevoir

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