Biff's Bagels

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Biff's Bagels has great bagel sandwiches and coffee, making it the perfect spot to stop before hitting the trail.

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Jessica Martin


This bagel/coffee shop is one of the first places open on early summer mornings, making it a great stop before heading out for the day. They offer bagel sandwiches and a great cup of coffee for a delicious, hearty start to the day. Keep in mind that not everyone is a fan of the bagels, made daily in-house; they're solid and fairly dense. They toast up beautifully and have lots of interesting flavors like pepper and spinach, but Einstein bagel fans may not enjoy the bread-y texture.

They close early during the winter, and are cash only, so keep this in mind. Sometimes the lines are long at the register, especially just before the start of the work day.

Dog lovers will appreciate the decor, which features photographs and memorials of local dogs. They are closely associated with the x foundation.

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Biff's Bagels

1 Beaver St
Flagstaff, AZ, 86001
35.196566, -111.650882

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