Crystal Creek Sandwich Co.

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Crystal Creek is a local sandwich shop featuring moderately gourmet, subway-style sandwiches and beers on tap.

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Jessica Martin


Crystal Creek offers large, tasty sandwiches with interesting ingredients like cream cheese and walnuts. They have both vegetarian and meat-filled sandwiches that are easy to pop into a backpack for a delicious mid-hike meal. Though on the expensive side (around $8-$9 for a sandwich, compared to $5 at Subway), the quality makes up for the price difference. They also have a pool table, beers on tap and various sodas in a case at the front for a solid sit-down meal, but the real appeal is the grab-and-go ease of a subway-style sandwich with the quality of a restaurant sandwich.

The downside is the variable wait times; sometimes the sandwiches come out in 5 minutes, sometimes 25, with no clear correlation to how many other customers are there. If a sandwich says it has mayonnaise, it will often be drenched; request only a little mayo, or just replace with mustard instead.

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Crystal Creek Sandwich Co.

1051 S Milton Rd
Flagstaff, AZ, 86001
35.190444, -111.661694

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