MartAnne's Burrito Palace

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MartAnne's is a Mexican-fusion restaurant that is very popular among locals.

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Jessica Martin


For mountains, piles, gobs of delicious, inexpensive food, hit MartAnne's. Their chilaquiles are solidly tasty, and there's nothing quite like piling into a booth after a hard morning's hike and having plates literally overflowing with food set down on the table. It's a texture and taste explosion. Expect to get a meal and a half to two meals for around $10. Other options include eggs benedict, interesting potato dishes, some vegan options and a sweet chicken sandwich on a croissant. It's Mexican-American fusion at its best, with a heavy dose of Flagstaffian hippy tendencies. They also offer fresh juice, although carrot juice is currently off the menu.

The place is constantly packed; expect waits of up to an hour on weekends. (When they're only open until 2 pm.) It's cash only, and service can sometimes be spotty -- though always friendly -- especially with how busy it gets. (Mountain time and attitudes are relaxed, to put it lightly).

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MartAnne's Burrito Palace

112 Historic Route 66
Flagstaff, AZ, 86001
35.19718, -111.647905

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