Morning Glory Cafe

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Morning Glory Cafe serves delicious, organic vegetarian/vegan food for the health-conscious individual.

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Jessica Martin


This tiny cafe is nestled downtown next to a yoga studio. Space is limited, and sometimes the posted hours are inexplicably wrong (call ahead, or risk standing in front of a door that says “Open,” but is definitely locked), but the food is well worth the effort. It's vegan for everyone – delicious, unpretentious health food with no illusions. There's no tofurky here; instead, think along the lines of bite-size blue corn pancakes with real maple syrup. OK, there's a hemp burger, but it deserves a pass, as it's a few levels removed from a standard veggie burger.

Meat eaters, give it a try – the salsa is excellent, the fruit salad sweet, and the food has none of the trappings normally associated with “fringe” health food.

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Morning Glory Cafe

115 S San Francisco St.
Flagstaff, AZ, 86001
35.19486, -111.649398

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