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Dornan's comes with huge, carbo-loaded portions, cold and hot beverages depending on the season, and great views of the Tetons from the second-floor deck.

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Dina Mishev


Not that a hike, bike, snowshoe, cross-country ski, or backcountry ski in Grand Teton National Park isn't awesome enough on its own. End it with a beer or marg and pizza at Dornan's and it might be one of your best outdoor adventure days ever. In the summer, you can sit on Dornan's second-floor deck, your legs scratched and caked with dirt, and enjoy what has to be the best view from any bar in the country: you're staring smack at the Tetons. One hand should have a cold beverage. Perhaps the other will be forking buffalo Bolognese ($15) into your mouth.   In winter, borrow binoculars from a bartender to look at ski tracks, whether done by your group or another. Year-round, portions are huge, carbo loaded, and generally arrive fast. When you’ve just come out of the mountains, speed of food delivery is key. The artichoke dip appetizer (around $9) is a stand-out. Deliciously cheesy and bubbling over with bits of artichoke hearts, if you can keep your table mates’ greedy fingers away, it is a substantial meal for one, even if you’ve just finished an arduous hike or ski. The pizza is also some of the best in Jackson Hole, so whatever your Teton adventure, be sure to make Dornan's your final stop. 

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12170 Dornan Rd.
Moose, WY, 83012
43.656345, -110.71522

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