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Lotus Cafe serves a very wide range of some of the best, most diverse, most high quality foods in Jackson Hole.

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Dina Mishev


Lotus Cafe serves all-organic food; much of the menu can be made vegan and gluten-free-friendly. But even meat and wheat eaters should try this place, as these are both of the highest quality. 
Lotus serves great-tasting, interesting food: crispy scallop ginger dumplings (the scallops are wild-caught) with sides of house-made plum sauce and coconut-lemongrass BBQ sauce;  smoothies--available with soy or almond milk--(the Rosy Mango is a local favorite); extracted juices; Indian dishes including Chicken Tikka Masala; and, for dessert, a strawberry cashew cake. Try not to fall in love with the Bombay Bowl topped with house-made tempeh.
All in all, this place may be the only restaurant you'd ever need to visit in Jackson. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner all of the highest order and from a variety of culinary backgrounds, it would take you quite a bit of time and effort to exhaust their entire menu. 

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Lotus Cafe

145 North Glenwood St
Jackson, WY, 83001
43.4808, -110.764

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