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Nikai is an award-winning sushi stop that is always coming up with new, interesting and unique rolls that continue to impress.

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Dina Mishev


Jackson might be the only place in Wyoming where a “Cowboy” isn’t only a man who works with cattle, but also a roll of sushi with a western twist. Sidle up to the sushi bar at Nikai, located right off the Town Square, order a Cowboy and you’ll get a sushi roll with Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef and tempura asparagus, topped with a miso honey glaze, wasabi sesame seeds, and tempura crunchies. 

Included in Ski Magazine’s list of Best Ski Town Sushi, Nikai has the largest selection of chilled sake in the state and an Executive Sushi Chef, Laura Inukai, who easily gets bored. “We’re always coming up with new stuff because we eat this every day,” Inukai says. “We need to keep it interesting.”

Nikai’s sashimi and nigiri are as good as anyone’s, and its rolls are more complex and sauced than most. Take its Bonsai roll, for example: panko-fried soft-shell crab and avocado topped with spicy tuna, chipotle sweet soy, and fried green onions. Ask any local sushi aficionado about his/her favorite rolls in the valley and the Bonsai is sure to be one of the first listed. The Luxe and Dagwood rolls are killer too. 

Prefer your protein cooked? Nikai has a full kitchen and the largest menu of cooked items of any sushi spot in the valley. 

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Jackson, WY, 83001
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