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How many times have you blown 60 bucks on dinner and drinks alone? Why not put your money towards something worthwhile and unforgettable by snowshoeing to a mountain yurt, enjoying intimately prepared foods, and spending the night under the stars?

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Dina Mishev


You’ve got $60 and want to have a memorable evening with friends. You can either enjoy a dinner out at a chic restaurant, or you can head to Rock Springs Yurt at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort where appetizers, dinner, breakfast, and coffee for eight are included in the $500/night price. (That's $500 for all eight people; not $500 per person). To access this wonderful mountain experience, you can do one of two things: either come directly from the north or south gates of Rock Springs, or take a 1-2 hour snowshoe tour through the backcountry. The yurtmeister is your guide, and then when you arrive at your destination, he begins preparing appetizers, dinner, dessert, etc. and then delivers warm coffee and a light breakfast in the morning. 
Sleeping bags and Thermarests are provided in the bunks. Literally all you have to do is get there, (maybe bring a little of your favorite alcohol), and enjoy an unforgettable night full of food, drink, and friends.
The yurt has enough bunks for eight people to each have their own. Some bunks can accommodate couples. Two igloos behind the yurt can accommodate several more people. And then there’s the floor and table. The biggest group ever was 27 people.

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Rock Springs Yurt

3395 Cody La.
Teton Village, WY, 83025
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