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Sudachi is a great apres-ski destination featuring world class sushi rolls ranging from simple combos to elaborate inventions.

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Dina Mishev


Sudachi is a quality sushi restaurant that's located on Village Road, making it the perfect apres-ski destination half-way between JHMR and downtown Jackson. Co-owner, Dustin Rasnick, a snowboarder himself, is all about creating pure, classic, simple rolls featuring the best fish they can find. 

“You can dress anything up with sauces and make it taste good, but if you get something in and all you have to do to it is something small to aid the flavor—not change or mask it—well, that’s harder. You need to pay attention to all of the ingredients and details,” says Rasnick. 

His personal favorite roll, one that he eats everyday, is kaiware (the sprout of a daikon), which is cucumber, avocado, wasabi, and tuna. The rice is on the outside and sprinkled with sesame seeds. “You taste everything with each bite,” he says. “And everything tastes the way it should, pure and simple.”

This isn't to say that Sudachi can't get inventive though. They've got a long list of unique rolls, including a caprese roll that substitutes salmon for mozzarella. It uses salmon, heirloom tomatoes, Asian pesto, sea salt, and Thai basil. There's also the white fish roll with diced jalapeno and grapefruit shiro zu. And they've got non-sushi options as well. The Seared Scallop Carbonara—day boat scallops, soba noodles, bacon uni butter, and chives— is a delicious option. 

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