Outdoor Stores in Jackson Hole, WY

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Teton Trail Runners

Teton Trail Runners is Jackson Hole's trail running club for runners of all abilities. Bring water, snacks, appropriate layers and be prepared to encounter rough weather, rough terrain and wild critters! Run at your own risk. All TTR runs are free and are not timed. Distances are approximate and can be made shorter by doing out and back runs. We meet at a different location each week, so be sure to check the schedule!
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Jackson Hole Outdoor Enthusiasts

Get out and explore the greater Teton area with other adventurous people. Expand your group of friends... Join us! This is a social group, and the main demographic is single's, or couples from the mid-20's to the mid-40's. For adventures in hiking, snow shoeing, skiing, climbing, camping, and anything else that allows us to enjoy the great outdoors at our door step. Let's also socialize with concerts, wine tasting, happy hour, or any other events around town. Have an idea? Share it!
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Teton Group Sierra Club

Local group of the Sierra Club that sponsors free hiking and backpacking trips as well as environmental events and outings.
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