Six Lakes/Jagg Creek Hiking

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A hike that will make you forget the Tetons, this takes you deep into the Gros Ventre range on well-established trails used mostly by area outfitters. Expect to see few people, lots of wildflowers, evidence of a HUGE landslide that happened in 2012 or 2013, some horseback riders, and lots of snow capped peaks, albeit not as jagged as the Tetons.

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Dina Mishev


4.0 miles

Four miles for the basic hike; can be made longer to 10+ miles for a big day.

Destination Distance From Downtown

18.1 miles


4 of 5 diamonds

Time To Complete

8 hours

8 hours to overnight



Trail is usually snow free by the first week of July

Dog Friendly


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The Tetons are beautiful and tall, but, as far as mountain ranges go, they're pretty small. You can hike across them in a day. You have to try really, really hard to get lost. Most of them are in one of the country's most visited national parks, so even on trails deep in the park's backcountry, you're going to see other people. The Gros Ventre Mountains, on the opposite side of Jackson Hole from the Tetons don't have the dramatic craginess of the Tetons, but they're big and there are plenty of opportunities to get lost. 

What Makes It Great

There are some of us that think the ability to get lost a good thing. The Gros Ventres are perfect for them. Not that it's easy to get lost in Gros Ventres. Because the range is popular with horseback riding and, in the fall, hunting outfitters, the trails are very obvious, albeit a bit dusty. But the Gros are made for taking a trail to a certain point and then heading off to explore on your own. There are ridge lines that go for a mile. Dozens of peaks are perfect for scrambling. Whether you want to keep your Gros Ventre adventure strictly on trails or are up for off-trail exploration, the Jagg Creek/Six Lakes area is awesome. A great trail goes all the way to Six Lakes and then Black Peak and Crystal Peak both hang above the lakes. 

Who is Going to Love It

Mountain hikers will enjoy the approach to the lake and the open-ended aspects of adventure beyond. For a modest day, Six Lakes will do fine. For a big day, keep going deeper into the wilderness. 

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

I started my hike to Six Lakes at the forest service road (30377) that splits off the entrance to the Red Rocks Ranch. This is about 13 miles up the Gros Ventre Road/FS 30400 Rd. after you turn onto it from the Lower Gros Ventre Rd just north of Kelly. 

This road is well-maintained. Relatively speaking. Potholes and boulders are minimal, but there's serious stretches of washboard. You can handle it in a Subaru. I don't know that I'd challenge the road in a Geo Prism. The trailhead is around this location: Jackson Hole Packrafting, you can have an awesome adventure. The Six Lakes are the Flat Water option. Crystal Creek, nationally designated Wild & Scenic River, is the whitewater.

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Six Lakes/Jagg Creek

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