Teton Pass To The Head of Black Canyon - Hiking

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This short 4-mile trail is an excellent route with very little elevation gain and nice vistas.

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Phil Leeds


4.0 miles

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27.4 miles


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2 hours

1-2 hours


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All Seasons

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This short hike or mountain bike ride--slightly less than four miles-- is an excellent route with little to no elevation gain, which is a rarity for Jackson Hole. The lack of elevation on the hike/bike itself is because you've done the climbing in your car to the top of Teton Pass. Summer wildflowers up here are amazing, as are the views over the valley and Gros Ventre Range. For mountain bikers, this trail is about as non-technical as you can get, although it does seriously sidehill, so if you fall, be sure it's not to your downhill side.

What Makes It Great

It's a mellow hike with a lot of rewards, in the form of great views, pastures of wildflowers, colorful alpine grass and craggy outcrops. This is one of the trails in the area that proves it doesn't have to be difficult to be memorable. 

Who is Going to Love It

Those looking for a casual walk in the clouds will enjoy the access and perspectives Teton Pass affords. It's also a good romp for pups, kids or hikers who prefer to take their time. 

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

To get here, drive west on Hwy 22 through Wilson and up to the summit of Teton Pass. Park in the large lot on the south side of the road, and start your hike/bike at the west end of the parking lot by walking up a two-track dirt access road. After a little less than half a mile, at the end of a short switchback, a trail will leave the road on the right, near a large electrical tower. The trail climbs gradually over another mile and a half through alpine meadows and forests to the head of Black Canyon. Bikers can descend Black Canyon. You will come out on Fall Creek Road. The best thing to do is go with another person, so that you can leave one car here, but if that's not in the cards, be prepared to hitch hike.

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Teton Pass To The Head of Black Canyon

Teton Pass
Wilson, WY, 83014
43.497273, -110.95529

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