First Turn and Second Turn

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Two descents to the west off the summit of Glory. Walk back to the top parking lot from the bottom of either run.

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A single 1,800-some foot hike up Mt. Glory from the top parking lot on Teton Pass yields a wealth of ski options. When avalanche conditions allow, Glory Bowl itself is a most excellent descent.

What Makes It Great

When we’ve got more time, we love Coal Creek. When we’re in a hurry, it’s Twin Slides that we most often ski. Other quote options are First Turn (slightly shorter) and Second Turn (slightly longer). The difference in time commitment on these are the length of the walk back up to your car from the bottom of the run. It’s a five minute walk from the bottom of First Turn and more like 12 minutes from the bottom of Second Turn.

We’re not going to waste many words on the ascent. If you’ve never done it before, we will tell you that the booter up Glory can feel long and tedious. It starts directly opposite the parking lot, on the north side of the highway. About three minutes up, there is a small station that checks your avalanche beacon is on. Please avail yourself of this.

While at times the boot pack might seem interminable, know that it does indeed end. But not at the small knob just past the giant antenna panel. That’s the first false summit.

The real summit is about 15 minutes father and, as of the 14/15 season no longer has a warming hut. Even the Buddhist prayer flags are gone.

Skis or board on your feet, goggles on, and boots buckled, it’s time to start down. First Turn is fairly easy to find.

Head west and north around the back of the warming hut. You are aiming to traverse rather than turn downhill at this point.

Know that visibility can be tricky here at times. Also, there are severe wind drifts that blow along this ridge.

You should traverse for about 200 meters. Below you (to the west) on the traverse is a thin row of gnarled pines. After traversing for 200 meters (or so) begin to look for a break in the trees. There are several to choose from.

Once through your selected break, an open powder field should greet you. Its pitch is decidedly mellow.

Enjoy this powder field while generally skiing southwest. About 100 meters down this powder field, you want to make a 90-degree turn to your left so that you are facing due south. Again, there is a thin row of trees for you to make your way through. Again, it is not difficult.

Once through and below the trees, if it’s clear, you should be able to see the road below you.

Welcome to First Turn.

There are numerous lines to ski in here. A personal favorite of mine is to skier’s right, where thin patches of trees often hold and preserve snow.

You can head as far right as you want, but then you might end up walking up the highway back to the top for longer than I plan for you to.

 To make your walk along the highway a short as possible, about 500 feet above the road, ski across the gully on your left. Continue through the trees until you pop out into another glade. From here, ski down to the road.

To get to Second Turn, rather than dropping into First Turn, ski west a bit. You’ll see when the slope below you opens up. Welcome to Second Turn.

Who is Going to Love It

Depending on what you are looking for, First Turn (slightly shorter) or Second Turn (slightly longer) are great backcountry choices.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Hike up Mt. Glory from the top parking lot on Teton Pass.

Remember you should never venture into the backcountry without proper equipment and skills though, especially given the recent storms. Go to for the current avalanche conditions. And then be smart.

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First Turn and Second Turn

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