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Located between 25 Short and Wimpy's, Maverick is a backcountry skiing destination in Grand Teton NP that offers some of the best lines in the area.

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15.1 miles


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1 days

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Maverick is located in Grand Teton National Park between the classic backcountry ski destinations, 25 Short and Wimpy's.You can start either at the Bradley/Taggart Lakes Trailhead or at Death Canyon road. Death Canyon is the more traditional option, but not necessarily the best. Either way, it's about 3,200 feet of ascending.

What Makes It Great

Coming at it from the north (Bradley/Taggart Lakes), allows for more options, and there are generally fewer tracks on the north than the more traditional way.

Just like approaching Maverick from Death Canyon, the first hour or so (at an easy pace) from Bradley/Taggart is relatively flat; only about 600 vertical feet. Eventually the track leaves the bottom woods and comes into the tail of the main east-facing slide path on 25 Short. The track climbs up the southern side of the slide path for 20 minutes or so before peeling off into the trees to the south. And then you’re in the trees all the way to the top.

Maverick might be a couple of hundred feet shorter than 25 Short, but, because there’s more horizontal travel south from the trailhead, it takes about the same amount of time. All in all though, it's a more mellow climb than 25 Short, as this route often has several short, steep sections. When it comes time to head back to the car, you don’t want to head straight north from the summit ridge, but more easterly. Straight north will eventually have you doing more traversing than turning.

Start down east from the summit and every so often head north. You’re aiming to hit 25 Short’s east-facing slide path where you’ll take the up track back out to your car.

Who is Going to Love It

It's a great option for both beginning and experienced backcountry skiers.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

From the Bradley/Taggart trailhead, start skinning like you would for 25 Short, that is, head south and west. About 10 minutes in, the skin track will fork. Right is 25 Short. Left is Maverick.

As always, be aware that travel in backcountry terrain has inherent risks and is condition-dependent. Check the Bridger-Teton National Forest avalanche forecast for condition information.

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