Northeast Ridge

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One of the longest runs off the summit of Mt. Glory that requires a short hitch hike back to the top parking lot (or you can ski down to the Old Pass Road).

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If we had to pick a single favorite run from the top of Glory Bowl on the north side of Teton Pass, it’d be the Northeast Ridge. No doubt.

What Makes It Great

The Northeast Ridge isn’t our favorite just because, where it ends at Highway 22 you can walk across the highway and continue down for another 1,500-ish feet to Old Pass Road for over 3,000 feet total of powder turns. We love the Northeast Ridge best even if we only do the 2,200-ish feet of the ridge itself. (Which is actually what we do much more often than going all the way down to OPR. We will do a first Glory lap coming down the NE Ridge and then hike back up and do a second lap on Twin Slides. )

The NE Ridge has open fields of powder. At the bottom, there are numerous variations through trees and around (or over) rocks to get down to the road. You can head west and pop out at the very bottom of the Glory Slide Path’s runout zone. Or you can head east and come out closer to Phillips. We’re not really sure why, but we most always come out at the bottom of Glory. Warning: even though you’re nearly at the bottom, don’t let your avy guard down. We’ve seen some of those little lines through the trees just above the south side of the slide path themselves slide. They don’t go big, of course, but they could still carry you.

When we hike Glory, we break it into three sections: 1) the bottom to the promontory. About 1/3 of the way up there’s a small promontory that is the first very obvious rest spot. 2) Promontory to the giant antenna screen. The meat of the climb is in this second section. 3) Giant screen to the summit. Once you reach and walk under the giant antenna, you’ve got about 10-20 minutes to go. Immediately above the giant screen, there’s a false summit. 

 In the fall of 2014, the warming hut that had been at the top of Glory for the nearly-two-decades we’ve been doing the hike was removed. So there’s no longer anywhere at the Glory summit to pop into and escape the wind. Just to warm you. The wind often howls up there. 

From the summit, the NE Ridge is pretty easy to find.  Ski down and across the top of Glory until that bowl/slide path is decidedly on your right. The NE Ridge is the broad ridge that goes all the way down to the road. Actually, it doesn’t go all the way to the road. The ridge hits the road with a giant cliff. That’s why you want to drop into the bottom of the Glory slide path at the very end. 

If you want to exit more via Phillips, you have to go east higher up.

Who is Going to Love It

Backcountry skiers or boarders who would love over 3,000 feet of powder turns.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

To get to the NE ridge, first you must hike the 1800-ish feet up Mt. Glory from the top of Teton Pass. This will take you between 30 minutes and two hours. Most likely, it will take you an hour. 

As with all backcountry skiing, you don’t want to do this without proper avy gear and training. And even then, please use your head. All season long, get daily avalanche advisories for the Pass at Call in an observation at (307) 739-2607.

Aerial photographs of this area can be found in Angus Thuermer Jr.’s Jackson Hole Ski Atlas, available in all valley ski shops.

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Northeast Ridge

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