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The Taggart Lake Trail is a very friendly trail with easy terrain and stunning scenery. And it's less populated than Jenny Lake, so that's an added benefit for solitude seekers.

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5.0 miles

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13.3 miles


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1 hours


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The Taggart Lake Trail is a relatively easy route with great views of the Tetons, and it's great for family hiking or for trail running. From the trailhead parking lot to the lake is only about 2.5-miles, and there's not much elevation change at all. You start out on a flat, hard-packed dirt trail stretching through an open alpine meadow. Gradually, you start entering more forested areas, with colorful aspens and evergreen trees.

What Makes It Great

You'll cross over a small footbridge with a truly powerful stream raging just beneath your feet, and always as the backdrop are the towering Tetons.  Taggart Lake has much fewer crowds than Jenny Lake. From the parking lot to the lake and back is about 5 miles. If you're hiking with the family, the lake itself is a great place to have a scenic picnic. If you're trail running, you'll enjoy some truly open stretches of fast, flowing terrain. 

Who is Going to Love It

Trail runners looking for a good, quick run on speedy terrain will love this route. Hikers will too, though it's not a terribly long day. Dogs aren't allowed here, which is just as well -- the fast moving water can be dangerous. 

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

The Taggart Lake Trailhead is off of the Teton Park Road, only 2.8 miles north from the town of Moose, Wyoming. 

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Taggart Lake

Grand Teton National Park
Moose, WY, 83012
43.703718, -110.7555

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