Del and Marte's Lilly Pad Campground

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Del and Marte's Lilly Pad is the campground of choice for Obed climbers and their dogs.

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Sarah Anne Perry


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Destination Distance From Downtown

43.9 miles


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0 hours


All Seasons

The campground is most popular at peak climbing season, but it's open year-round.

Dog Friendly


Your dog might love this campground even more than you do.

Fees Permits


$5/person/night. You can leave cash in the mailbox at the campground entrance. Payment is done on an honor system—but that doesn’t mean it's optional.



Many a climber feels at home at the Lilly Pad. Over the years, Del and Marte Scruggs have let Obed climbers transform their property into an idyllic campground, complete with cooking tables, a general store, and a communal fire pit. You’ll love it, your dog will love it, and you’ll never want to leave.

What Makes It Great

The Lilly Pad feels like home. You’ll find a makeshift family here, built on beer and good stories. If you stay long enough, you might get to taste Del’s homebrew while you share a fireside meal with new friends. An ever-revolving posse of dogs frolics about the front of camp, so Spot (or Spotter, if you're into climbing-themed dog name puns) can chill with a new crew too.

There are around 70 campsites scattered across the 40-acre property, or you can get creative with your own—just be mindful of plants and wildlife. At either end of the property sits a primitive fire shelter—keep fires in the designated rings. Other amenities include port-a-potties, a rainy-day cooking area, and recycling bins. You can fill up on water at the garden spigot, and if you ask nicely, Del might show you where he brews his beer.

Who is Going to Love It

Most campers at the Lilly Pad are climbers spending their days at the Obed’s sandstone cliffs, but other folks will love it too—if you like hiking, swimming, or playing corn hole, you’ll be happy here.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Remember that you are camping beside a federally designated wild and scenic river, and be respectful of its sensitive ecosystem. Avoid walking off-trail, don’t scare the wildlife, and pack out any trash you see. 

For directions from the campground to the various crags, check the guidebook—or ask around. Folks are friendly, and you might just find yourself a belay.

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Del and Marte's Lilly Pad

920 Ridge Road
Lancing, TN, 37770
36.103172, -84.714177

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