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The Meigs Creek Trail is a 7 mile roundtrip out and back that traverses and crisscrosses Meigs Creek on numerous occasions.

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Matt Guenther


7.0 miles

Destination Distance From Downtown

26.2 miles


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Time To Complete

3 hours

2-4 hours


All Seasons

It is best during dry season - the creek can be anywhere from a few inches to a few feet wide.

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Meigs Creek Trail



The Meigs Creek Trail begins at the Sinks, which is a popular roadside destination and viewing platform along Little River Road. The Sinks receives its name for the 15-foot cascade of turbulent water that resembles the sudden rush of water from a sink faucet. Once the water reaches the gorge below, it suddenly slows down creating large pools ideal for swimming and recreation.

What Makes It Great

The Meigs Creek Trail is a great mountain stream hike. Numerous small waterfalls greet hikers, and tunnels of rhododendron and huge poplar trees tower above everyone in between stream crossings (trust us, there are plenty of those). For someone looking to find some solitude in the Smokies and see some great mountain views, this is a great choice.This hike truly is an adventure every time. The first mile, starting from the Sinks, immediately climbs and then descends one of the large hills lining the Little River Gorge. Once hikers drop over the far side of the ridge, the sounds of the road and of the rushing water below fade away and the steady babbling of Meigs Creek quickly fills the air. The trail begins to wind across the creek over and over again, giving hikers some adventure—choose your route wisely!Just beyond the viewing platform is the actual trailhead. Coming in around 7 miles roundtrip, this trail offers a moderately difficult route with roughly 1400 feet in elevation change. Around a mile and a half into the hike is when you'll first cross Meigs Creek. It won't be the last time though; not by a long shot. Over the course of the next couple miles, you'll cross this creek about twenty times. At 3.5 miles in, the trail ends at Buckhorn Gap. This trail probably isn't the best option after heavy rain. For how frequently you cross the creek, it's probably best to choose a dry summer day, so that when you inevitably get wet, it will be a refreshing treat.

Who is Going to Love It

Hikers, this trail is for you. This trip could be run, but the constant creek crossings would be a little much for an enjoyable jog. The initial climb and descent are the hardest parts of the trail, so the difficulty of the hike mainly comes from the initial incline and the creek crossings.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Parking for this trail can be found at the Sinks parking lot in the Little River Gorge. The trailhead can be found just past the waterfall overlook.

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Meigs Creek Trail

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