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Road running doesn't get much better than this. The Will Skelton Greenway is a 3.5 mile paved path that parallels a very scenic section of the Tennessee River, and it's only a couple minutes from busy downtown.

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Will Skelton Greenway



The Will Skelton Greenway is a wonderful place to enjoy a nice stroll by the Tennessee River, and being only 2.7 miles from downtown, it's a great escape from the busy streets. Starting at the Island Home Park by a neighborhood swing set, follow the paved trail with trees on one side and river on the other. 

What Makes It Great

This path is great because of the many options for stops you have along the way. With the locations above having TONS of outdoor adventure options, any trip down the Will Skelton Greenway can turn into a multi-hour (or day long) experience consisting of trails, lakes, and incredible diversity. Complete with benches scattered along the trail where you can sit down, relax and take in the scenery during your run or bike, the greenway is provides an incredibly relaxing experience to many Knoxville natives every day. Be sure to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding farmland and an old railroad bridges. You can also find a rope swing hanging from a tree branch over the water, which is a great little post-workout destination during the summer.  An added bonus to this urban escape is the sunflowers that bloom in the beginning of July. 

The greenway consists of a paved path that winds through Ijams Nature Center, past Mead's Quarry and ends after 3.5 miles at the TWRA Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area-- a 300-acre piece of land filled with unpaved mountain biking and running trails.

Who is Going to Love It

Whether you are walking the family dog, trying to get an after work run in, or looking for a good picnic spot- the Will Skelton Greenway is for you. Most users will be road runners and cyclists, but trail runners and mountain bikers have options to explore the properties along the way. Some mountain bikers living in South Knoxville will ride the Greenway until it meets the Forks of the River WMA and then will take off on an off-road adventure.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

The most popular parking areas for this Greenway are at Island Home Park (the western end), Ijams Nature Center (about half-way down the Greenway), or at the Forks of the River WMA (the eastern end).The only significant regulations on this Greenway involve the WMA and hunting season.  From the fourth Saturday in August through the end of February, hunters may be around. Signs will be posted if any special regulations apply, but do pay attention in order to be safe.

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Will Skelton Greenway

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