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  • Celebrate the Season on Two Wheels at Knoxville’s Tour de Lights

  • A Quick and Dirty Guide to the Running Scene in Knoxville

  • Ladies Night at The Climbing Center

  • 7 Outdoor Events to Do in Knoxville This Spring

Recent Stories

  1. 6 Best Places to Mountain Bike Near Knoxville

    Knoxville has a variety of singletrack and doubletrack trails, and vary from short, smooth, and easy riding to the exact opposite — which makes the city a great mountain biking destination regardless of skill level.

  2. 10 Best Places to Camp Near Knoxville

    Here are the 10 best places to camp within a few hours of town, from comfortable drive-in sites to overnight backpacking destinations that have to be experienced to be believed.

  3. Find Your Footing Along Sharp’s Ridge in Knoxville

    This spot in north Knoxville is known for its mountain biking prowess, but has some hidden surprises for casual hikers and trail runners, including some of the best views around.

  4. A 30-Mile Hike to 360-Degree Views at the Shuckstack Fire Tower

    A strenuous hike through the Smoky Mountains offers panoramic views and seclusion in the most visited national park in the country.

  5. A Food Guide to Knoxville in the Fall

    Knoxville is a great restaurant town, and there are just some of the standouts to look for this fall.

  6. 48 Hours of Adventure: How to Have an Unforgettable Weekend in Knoxville

    Once a deeply divided Civil War city, modern day Knoxville is a city coming into its own identity with a growing arts and restaurant scene.

  7. Baker Creek Preserve: One of Knoxville's Best MTB Trails

    Newest addition to Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness offers something different for the whole family, on bike or on foot.

  8. Tour Guide Tips: What To Do in Knoxville With Visitors

    Friends and family visiting in town? Here, inspiration for what to do in Knoxville, from outdoorsy offerings to the best eats and drinks.

  9. The 6 Best Swimming Holes Near Knoxville

    Old quarries, tumbling cascades, and hidden spots all make for some great swimming holes near Knoxville. Grab your suit and check them out.

  10. Big Creek and Beyond: Exploring the East Smokies

    Waterfalls, rock formations, and epic hiking are just a few reasons to head east. Here's how to explore Big Creek in the East Smokies.

  11. Hiking Honey Creek Loop: Boulder Houses, Caves, and Climbing

    It's just a 5.6-mile trail, but this East TN stunner is one not to miss. Here, insider tips on hiking Honey Creek Loop (without getting lost).

  12. Centennial Challenge: Hike 100 Miles of Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains

    For excellent inspiration to hit the trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, check out the Centennial Challenge.

  13. Hubris in the Highlands: Unexpected Obstacles on the Appalachian Trail

    No matter how well you plan, a long trip on the Appalachian Trail brings ups and downs that can humble even the most-seasoned adventurer.

  14. Knoxville's 11 Best Swimming Holes

    From mountain streams to gorgeous lakes, Knoxville is loaded with awesome places to go swimming in a natural setting. You can make the short drive to the Smokies to take a refreshing dip at the base of a waterfall, or you can stay within city limits...

  15. 20 Knoxville-Area Adventures to Do This Year

    Take advantage of all the outdoor opportunities around the Marble City with these 20 must-do Knoxville-area adventures.

  16. River Sports Owner is Knoxville's Outdoor Ambassador

    River Sports Outfitters owner, Ed McCallister, is known by many as Knoxvilles outdoor ambassador. Once a recreational canoeist, he has now become...

  17. How the Ijams Nature Center Continues to Cater to Knoxville Adventurers

    The Ijams Nature Center has been expanding its adventure and recreational opportunities for a while now. Here's the story behind the latest and greatest additions to the park.

  18. 3 of the Best Camping Trips Near Knoxville to Enjoy Before Winter

    From easy escapes in the Smokies to burly backpacking trips in the Joyce-Kilmer Wilderness, here are some great camping trips near Knoxville.

  19. Jump Off

    With stunning panoramas of the Smoky Mountains, the Jump-Off Trail is one of Knoxville's best trails for winter hiking.

  20. Valentine's Day with the The Dirty Guv'nahs

    Take your special someone on a Valentine's Day tour of these Knoxville spots featured in the Dirty Guvnahs' "Fairlane" music video.

  21. Turning Knoxville’s Underutilized Parks Into A Trail-Lovers Bonanza

    The Appalachian Mountain Bike Club is helping to create a new trail system to link underutilized parks in south Knoxville.

  22. The Ultimate Guide to Knoxville Lake Life

    These six Knoxville lakes offer plenty of opportunities for swimming, boating, paddling, fishing, and enjoying the summer months.

  23. The Open Streets Movement Comes to Knoxville

    The Open Streets movement will come to Knoxville on Oct. 25, closing the streets to traffic and creating a new urban park for the day.

  24. The 7 Best Places for Long Runs in Knoxville

    Explore wooded paths, hunting trails, and urban greenways with these destination long runs in Knoxville that add variety to your training.

  25. Summer on the Water with Knoxville's Chota Canoe Club

    Since the 1970's, Knoxville's Chota Canoe Club has been providing residents of East Tennessee a wonderful resource for all things paddling.