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  1. 20 Knoxville-Area Adventures to Do This Year

    Take advantage of all the outdoor opportunities around the Marble City with these 20 must-do Knoxville-area adventures.

  2. River Sports Owner is Knoxville's Outdoor Ambassador

    River Sports Outfitters owner, Ed McCallister, is known by many as Knoxvilles outdoor ambassador. Once a recreational canoeist, he has now become...

  3. How the Ijams Nature Center Continues to Cater to Knoxville Adventurers

    The Ijams Nature Center has been expanding its adventure and recreational opportunities for a while now. Here's the story behind the latest and greatest additions to the park.

  4. 3 of the Best Camping Trips Near Knoxville to Enjoy Before Winter

    From easy escapes in the Smokies to burly backpacking trips in the Joyce-Kilmer Wilderness, here are some great camping trips near Knoxville.

  5. Jump Off

    With stunning panoramas of the Smoky Mountains, the Jump-Off Trail is one of Knoxville's best trails for winter hiking.

  6. Valentine's Day with the The Dirty Guv'nahs

    Take your special someone on a Valentine's Day tour of these Knoxville spots featured in the Dirty Guvnahs' "Fairlane" music video.

  7. Turning Knoxville’s Underutilized Parks Into A Trail-Lovers Bonanza

    The Appalachian Mountain Bike Club is helping to create a new trail system to link underutilized parks in south Knoxville.

  8. The Ultimate Guide to Knoxville Lake Life

    These six Knoxville lakes offer plenty of opportunities for swimming, boating, paddling, fishing, and enjoying the summer months.

  9. The Open Streets Movement Comes to Knoxville

    The Open Streets movement will come to Knoxville on Oct. 25, closing the streets to traffic and creating a new urban park for the day.

  10. The 7 Best Places for Long Runs in Knoxville

    Explore wooded paths, hunting trails, and urban greenways with these destination long runs in Knoxville that add variety to your training.

  11. Summer on the Water with Knoxville's Chota Canoe Club

    Since the 1970's, Knoxville's Chota Canoe Club has been providing residents of East Tennessee a wonderful resource for all things paddling.

  12. Offbeat on the Beaten Path: An Interview with AT Memoirist Stephen Otis

    We sat down with AT memoirist Stephen Otis to discuss his work, A Road More or Less Traveled, more than a decade after his AT thru-hike.

  13. Insider's Guide to Bonnaroo 2014

    For the 13th year in a row, Bonnaroo will make an appearance in the rural town of Manchester. Here's the Insider's Guide to Bonnaroo 2014.

  14. A Conversation with Knoxville's High Altitude Artist

    We sat down with Knoxville's high altitude artist, Kelly Brown, to discuss his craft, his climbing history, and his favorite outdoor spots in the Scruffy City.

  15. 5 Picturesque Outdoor Spots in Knoxville

    Knoxville photographer Liz Burling offers 5 picturesque outdoor spots around the city to get some great shots and enjoy the outdoors.

  16. 5 of the Most Beautiful Waterfalls in East Tennessee

    It's Christmas come early for Knoxville adventurers pining for the best waterfalls in East Tennessee.

  17. 3 Must-Do Adventures in the Big South Fork Wilderness

    Big South Fork is one of the most underrated wilderness areas near Knoxville and home to diverse wildlife, a pristine trail system, and great whitewater.

  18. Knoxville Native Kevin Humphrey: Kicking Off an Adventure on Wheels

    Knoxville native Kevin Humphrey quit his job and outfitted a used van to become a rolling home. RootsRated speaks to him about his advenuture.

  19. 5 Great Overnight Escapes Near Knoxville

    Escape the city and enjoy these overnight escapes around Knoxville, Tennessee.

  20. Waterfall Wonderland: The Best Waterfalls in Middle Tennessee

    Knoxvillians might have to venture a little bit west to see them, visiting the best waterfalls in Middle Tennessee is well worth the trip.

  21. Knoxville's Band: Q&A With Dirty Guv'nah James Trimble

    We sat down lead singer of the Dirty Guv'nahs, James Trimble, to discuss the music, mountains, and city that inspire him.

  22. Gadgets Off, Backpacks On: Getting Your Kids Outdoors in Knoxville

    Devices off, backpacks on: Tips on getting your kids outdoors in Knoxville this summer, from where to go to parent-tested strategies.

  23. Journey into the Accursed Mountains

    The Accursed Mountains- so called because they thwarted invading armies of ancient times, similarly had their way with this unweary traveler.

  24. A Weekend in Erwin Tennessee: Hiking, History, and Ghost Towns

    With excellent hikes, paddling, and nearby ghost towns to explore, a weekend in Erwin, Tennessee makes for a plenty adventurous escape.

  25. How to Spend a Day at Seven Islands State Birding Park

    Despite its name, Seven Islands State Birding Park isn't just for the birds: It's also full of hiking, paddling, trail running, and fishing.

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