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  1. Racket Science: Yakima Launches All New Streamline System

    Yakima’s latest and greatest rack system has finally arrived! For the past five years, Yakima’s newest StreamLine system has been under development.

  2. Beginner Kayaking in Knoxville

    Knoxville offers some of the most diverse kayaking in the region. From the glassy waters of Mead’s Quarry, to the flowing blueways of the Tennessee River, to the meandering lake at Fort Loudoun and the technical, high-octane whitewater in the Smokies, E...

  3. Exploring East Tennessee's Eerie Trails

    The open coves, dripping caves, and hidden groves scattered about East Tennessee can easily transport one back to Native American raids and Civil War bloodshed.

  4. Hiking to the Tallest Waterfall in the Smokies: Ramsey Cascades

    Hidden among a hardwood forest and spilling over a series of rocky boulders for over 100-feet, Ramsey Cascades is the tallest (and most spectacular) waterfall in the Smokies.

  5. RootsRated Internship

    Interested in having an internship in the outdoor industry? RootsRated is seeking a Communications Intern for Fall 14.

  6. 9 of the Best Hikes in Knoxville

    Spend your time on the trail—not in the car—by exploring some of the best hikes in Knoxville that offer both beauty and convenience.

  7. Exploring Oak Ridge: The Town that Produced the Atomic Bomb

    Known to many as the secretive Tennessee town that produced the atomic bomb, Oak Ridge is now home to a park system just waiting to be explored.

  8. 4 Best Wildflower Hikes in the Smokies

    The best part about spring and summer in the Smokies is that you’re never really too late to see the wildflowers. Here are some of our favorite hikes to do so.

  9. 5 Knoxville Area Hikes That Are Perfect in the Spring

    From the easy trails in the Urban Wilderness Corridor to the tallest point in Knox County, here are the best Knoxville area hikes for the spring.

  10. Hop on a Bike and Discover the Best Beer in Knoxville

    This self-guided biking tour will highlight the city’s craft-brewing renaissance and help you discover some of the best beer in Knoxville.

  11. Discover Knoxville's Best New Bar for Outdoor Enthusiasts

    The Trailhead Beer Market sits at the edge of the Urban Wilderness, drawing an outdoor crowd to Knoxville's best new bar and gathering spot.

  12. Frozen Head, the Obed, and Big South Fork: Tackling the East Tennessee Trinity

    Frozen Head, the Obed, and Big South Fork are some of East Tennessee's best outdoor meccas. Here's a weekend sampler to stoke the adventure.

  13. A Dream Trip to the Top of Mt. LeConte

    A group of women couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hike to Tennessee's tallest peak and stay at the one-of-a-kind LeConte Lodge.

  14. Soaring Views and Secluded Campsites at Mt. Cammerer

    On the state line of Tennessee and North Carolina, the 4,928-foot Mt. Cammerer offers unforgettable hikes and jaw-dropping views of the Great Smoky Mountains.

  15. A Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    An insider's guide to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, including where to go for the best hiking, cycling, and family fun.

  16. 10 Things You Need to Know About the Newest Climbing Gym in Knoxville

    Onsight is the largest climbing gym in Knoxville, offering more than 12,000 square feet of climbing wall surface—and that's just the start.

  17. An Insider’s Guide to Camping in the Smokies

    Camping in the Smokies can be a sublime wilderness experience—or a forgettable misadventure. Here’s how to do it right.

  18. 12 Ways to Make the Most of a Knoxville Winter

    Frozen waterfalls, snow-covered trails, and zip-lining though the woods are just some of the ways to enjoy a Knoxville winter outdoors.

  19. Knoxville’s Guide to Winter Trail Running

    Knoxville runners will find that winter trail running is a much better alternative to the treadmill—just be prepared before you go.

  20. Celebrate the Season on Two Wheels at Knoxville’s Tour de Lights

    More than 1,000 cyclists will hit the streets in Knoxville for the Tour de Lights, a celebration of the holidays and two-wheeled travel.

  21. Knoxville’s Mountain Bikers Know How to Throw a Party

    The Appalachian Mountain Bike Club's annual end-of-the-season fall festival is an adrenaline-fueled celebration of the sport—with fireworks.

  22. Everything You Need to Know About House Mountain: Knox County's Highest Peak

    Knoxville hikers don't have to travel any farther than House Mountain to find spectacular hiking trails with unmatched scenic vistas.

  23. The Organic Growth of Del and Marte's Lilly Pad Campground

    Located in the heart of the Obed, the Lilly Pad Campground offers a camping experience unlike any other—with plenty of tent sites, an onsite brewery, a general store, and an unbelievably friendly and communal atmosphere.

  24. A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Knoxville's Best Fall Color

    From the top of Old Smoky to the base of Sequoyah Park, here's your ultimate guide to experiencing Knoxville's best fall color.

  25. A Guide to the Perfect Outdoor Weekend in Knoxville

    Knoxville's bustling downtown, vibrant nightlife, and impressive outdoor amenities makes it a great city to visit for a weekend.

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