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  1. 6 Knoxville Outdoor Destinations for Dog-Lovers and Their Best Friends

    Dog-lovers can discover why Knoxville is considered one of the most pet-friendly communities in the country at these parks and destinations.

  2. The Best Bucket List Events Happening in Knoxville This Fall

    Crisp morning runs, beer festivals, and pumpkin everything—here's a quick rundown of some of the best events happening in Knoxville this fall.

  3. The Lowdown on the Livin' Lush Cup

    This isn't some weird aquatic firefly display; this is the 3rd Annual Livin' Lush Cup, Knoxville's next big thing for SUP enthusiasts.

  4. Over the Edge: The Extreme Adventure Company That's Coming to Knoxville

    On August 29th 2015, the extreme adventure company, Over the Edge, will be making its adrenaline-inducing rounds in Knoxville. Don't miss it.

  5. A Conversation with the Woman of the Smokies

    Liz Eitner is one of the few people to have "hiked them all"—all 900 miles of trail within the Smokies. We sat down with her to discuss her epic feet (er, feat).

  6. 7 Outdoor Events to Attend in Knoxville This Summer

    Make the most of your summer with these 7 outdoor events that give you the chance to run, paddle, ride, and chill around Knoxville.

  7. 8 Ways to While Away the Summer in Knoxville

    From floating on an inner tube near the Smokies to taking in a sunset view above the city, here's how to while away the summer in Knoxville.

  8. Lights Out: After Hours Adventures Near Knoxville

    Don't let your nighttime fun be limited to bars and backyards. Here are three great after hours adventures near Knoxville.

  9. RootsRated Road Tour: Knoxville

    Stop Two on the RootsRated Road Tour saw us hitting the trails and having pints with River Sports Outfitters.

  10. The Best of the Best at Outdoor KnoxFest

    If you’re anywhere near Knoxville on April 24th, it’s going to be hard for you to avoid the delightfully ubiquitous outdoor Knoxfest.

  11. Where to Take the Kids for a Day of Exploration near Knoxville

    From the Botanical Gardens to the boardwalks of Ijams, here are some great places to take the kids for a day of exploration near Knoxville.

  12. 7 Must-Know Outdoor Clubs Near Knoxville

    Here is a guide to some of the best outdoor clubs near Knoxville, ranging from local mountain bikers and trail runners, to climbers and kayakers.

  13. A Quick and Dirty Guide to the Running Scene in Knoxville

    From the best social beer runs to the city's greenway paths, here is a quick guide to the running scene in Knoxville.

  14. 7 Outdoor Events to Do in Knoxville This Spring

    Slacking on those New Year's resolutions? Revamp your 2015 checklist with these great outdoor events occurring in Knoxville this spring.

  15. Harnessing Energy: The Man Who Wrote the Book on Whitewater Paddling

    Guidebook author Kirk Eddlemon philosophizes about what makes the Knoxville area such a great whitewater paddling destination.

  16. Mountains to Come Home to: Q&A with Photographer Paul Hassell

    Paul Hassell is a nature photographer, adventure guide, and founder of Light Finds. We sat down with him to discuss his life through the lens.

  17. Relationship on the Rocks

    Is dating your climbing partner a good idea? Here's some insight into avoiding a rocky relationship on the rocks.

  18. Ladies Night at Ober Gatlinburg Freestyle Terrain Park

    Ladies Night at Ober Gatlinburg is a chance for just the girls to hit the terrain park and build confidence in their abilities together.

  19. The Trimanathon: Knoxville's Manliest Event of the Year

    The Trimanathon is an annual, invite-only, secret society test of manhood featuring polar plunges, bike rides in your underwear, and much more.

  20. Tony Owens: Tennessee Trail Runner

    Tony Owens is an ultra runner that enjoys the laid back aspect of running 100 miles... if such a thing is possible!

  21. Plastic to Classic: Outdoor Climbing in Knoxville

    While indoor climbing in Knoxville is definitely pretty solid, getting outdoors on some real rock is what it's all about.

  22. Q&A with Ultra Runner Kathy Smith

    We sat down with Knoxville's Kathy Smith to find out about her running career and learn how she stays motivated even during her hardest runs.

  23. Q&A with Nashville Runner Tony Owens

    Tony Owens is dedicated trail runner based out of Nashville. Read more about his running philosophy in our Q&A.

  24. Kathy Smith: The Road Not Taken

    Kathy Smith of Knoxville has embraced ultra running -- and has flourished because of it! She is one of New Balance's featured runners here at

  25. Three Autumn Adventures to Take Outside of Knoxville

    Autumn is upon us, and with it comes a great range of potential weekend getaways that will keep you active and excited to explore the best the southeast has to offer.

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