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Marketing When Lives Literally Depend on Your Product: Sterling's Liz McLellan

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In this bonus episode of the RootsRated Labs podcast, Liz McLellan, Director of Marketing at Sterling Rope, talks with Mark about marketing to a variety of different industries and what it's like to market to people whose lives depend on their products. She discusses the internal transition from thinking of the company as a rope manufacturer to what she calls a "life safety brand." Along the way, she reveals a deep understanding of the basic challenges facing marketers today. We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

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We’ve heard from some fans who were looking for another episode (thanks, fans!), so here’s one to hold you over. Please share with us what you’re thinking about, what you want us to cover, and introduce us to the most interesting marketers you know. We want your stories, and theirs, for Season 2. Email me at mark@rootsrated.com.

Learn more about the award-winning FCX video from this interview with the director.

Sterling FCX Escape Systems from sterling rope on Vimeo.

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Liz McLellan, Director of Marketing at Sterling Rope Co.

Host: Mark McKnight

Producer: BJ Smith

Music credits:

Music for this episode by Podington Bear.

Transcript coming soon.

Originally written for RootsRated Media.

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