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Smart Storytelling: How Florida’s Gulf Coast Wins the Outdoor Audience

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Cape San Blas. Gary J. Wood

Smart Storytelling is what the RootsRated Labs podcast is all about. Even if you’re a bit off the grid or you don’t have a huge budget, sometimes being true to who you are is the best marketing strategy of all. Listen for actionable tips on how to get your story in front of the right audience. You'll hear how Jennifer brings research to bear before spending money on advertising. She also talks about the value of first-hand experience for herself and her staff.

In the latest RootsRated Labs podcast, we find ourselves back in Florida, this time to speak with one of the most enthusiastic destination marketers we've ever interviewed: Jennifer Adams. She represents the Gulf County region.

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Jennifer Adams, Executive Director, Florida's Gulf County Tourist Development Council Matt Guenther, Sales Development Representative, RootsRated Media


Mark McKnight and Ana Connery


BJ Smith

Further reading (and listening)

Ana mentions the article about research and the work Montana is doing to identify the right audience. Read that article here: "Marketing Montana: How A State With 1M Residents Lured 12M Annual Visitors".

Our previous podcast on Florida tourism focused on marketing a lesser-known destination and delves into the history of 30A and how it went from a hidden gem to a popular tourist destination.

Florida TaxWatch research shows that Florida's residents may have to pay as much as $1,535 in additional taxes to support the current level of government services if Florida's tourism department were eliminated.

For more statistics and materials to join the fight for Florida's tourism funding, check out Save Florida Tourism.

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