Pack & Paddle

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Pack & Paddle, a proud member of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, was founded in 1974. What started as a backyard operation selling Grumman aluminum canoes was followed by our first real store in a 400 square foot Acadian house on the banks of the Vermillion river. Today, Pack & Paddle has grown to over 6,000 square feet, housing excellent brands of outdoor equipment for all types of self propelled outdoor activities. We specialize in rock climbing, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, kayak fishing, fly fishing, family camping, and much more. Today's retail environment is more competitive than ever. Even with the proliferation of mail order, internet sales and generic box store shopping, Pack & Paddle continues to flourish. Why? It's simple: Pack & Paddle is, has been and will continue to be more than just a store. Pack & Paddle is the place to get information and get fitted properly for all types of outdoor pursuits, purchase this gear at guaranteed low prices. But more than that, Pack & Paddle is a resource for the local forests, swamps, marshes and streams that make Louisiana a special place for the outdoor enthusiast. We invite you to come by today to experience what will surely be a unique shopping experience. Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm