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  1. Paddle this Sierra lake with lots of fun coves explore and sights to take in.

    1 of 5 diamonds
    From Downtown
    52.1 miles
  2. SUP, Kayak or Canoe the sparkling waters of Donner Lake, located in the heart of the Sierra and surrounded by pristine views.

    2 of 5 diamonds
    From Downtown
    19.9 miles
    It's a 6 mile down and back paddle that will vary depending on wind and speed of paddler, as well as chosen craft. 4 hours may be an overestimate for faster paddlers and an under estimate for slower paddlers.
  3. A 72 mile tour of Lake Tahoe with 11 campsites -- there may be no better way to see the lake!

    3 of 5 diamonds
    From Downtown
    11.3 miles
    More or less time depending on if you want to just paddle a segment or the entire circuit. There are 11 legal campsites on the shore of the Water Trail.
  4. Paddle the sparkling blue waters of Fallen Leaf Lake and take in panoramic views of the Sierra mountains.

    1 of 5 diamonds
    From Downtown
    13.8 miles
    Paddlers usually spend anywhere from one to five hours out on the water.
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