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An undulating outcropping of gray and pinkish badlands, the Honeycomb Buttes are a great place to wander and explore.

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Molly Absolon


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43.3 miles


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3 hours

You could easily explore the Honeycomb Buttes for an entire day.


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The Honeycomb Buttes area doesn't feature too many trails, but there are miles and miles of open terrain for you to explore. The Honeycombs parking area is about an hour from Lander, but it’s definitely worth the drive. 

What Makes It Great

If you look carefully, you can find fossilized turtle shells and other reminders that these layers were once the floor of a warm, shallow sea.

I typically start my Honeycombs exploration where the Point of Rocks road turns sharply to the south. This gets you close to the badlands. But you can really park anywhere and go anywhere. Follow a wash up into the badlands and start exploring. 

Beware, the rocks are crumbling and not suited for climbing. But you can scramble up and down the loose mudstone with ease and wind through an intricate maze of badlands.

Again, it’s hard to get lost. The badlands are limited in size. If you get disoriented, you can always head south and you will hit the Point of Rocks Road. The only challenge really is determining at that point if your car is to your left or right, so it’s important to keep track of which way you head out of the wash at the start of your exploration. A GPS is helpful out here.

Who is Going to Love It

Anyone would enjoy exploring these badlands. Just leave town early, pack a lunch and lots of water (there’s no water in the area) and head out for a day of climbing up and around these convoluted mudstone towers and gullies. 

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Drive south from Lander on Highway 28 for 42 miles. Turn left or south onto Oregon Buttes Road. Follow the road for 11 miles, dropping down a steep escarpment. At the bottom of the escarpment, look for Point of Rocks Stage Route Road heading off to the east. This is a gravel road. It’s usually passable in a two-wheel drive vehicle, but I don’t recommend heading out here if it’s wet or rainy. Mud makes most of these roads impassable, even with four-wheel drive. While you are driving, keep an eye out for wild horses roaming the area.

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Honeycomb Buttes

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