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Backpacking in the Sespe Hot Springs area can be a true wilderness experience full of great trails, natural springs, abundant wildlife, and backcountry campsites.

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Ry Glover


18.0 miles

Varies from 18-36 miles roundtrip.

Destination Distance From Downtown

58.5 miles


4 of 5 diamonds

Time To Complete

1 days

1-2 Days


Spring, Fall, and Winter

Dog Friendly


Fees Permits


Adventure Pass; No backcountry permit

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Sespe Creek Trail



The Sespe Wilderness area in Los Padres National Forest is a truly wild place that will leave you wondering how it's possible that you're only an hour or so from the massive metropolis of Los Angeles. A backpacking adventure here is truly an amazing experience featuring quality trails, priceless views, excellent springs for swimming, and plenty of wildlife-viewing opportunities. While there are a few different trails in this area, the most popular and worthwhile is probably the Sespe Creek Trail, a roughly 18-mile route that follows the creek as it weaves through the canyon, creating a number of swimming holes and passing plenty of pleasant groves that are great for camping.

What Makes It Great

Head east from the Piedra Blanca parking lot on a fairly exposed trail that requires creek crossings, occasional rock-hopping, and only moderate climbing. After about 9 miles, you'll reach the Bear Creek Campground, which is a great half-way point to stop and spend the night if you're looking for an overnight backpacking trip, or an ideal place to turn around if all you want is a day hike in the Southern California sun.If you've opted for the overnighter, wake up in the morning and enjoy another 9 or so mile hike over chaparral-strewn hills until you reach the Willett Springs Campground. This is a fairly popular spot for weekenders who come to enjoy the warm waters of the Willett Hot Spring - a teal colored pool that is located about half a mile from the campground. Some people find this pool to be a great place to soak weary legs; others are turned off by the algae lining the man-made plastic tub. There's only one way to know whether or not you'll like it....

Who is Going to Love It

Wildlife is abundant here: mountain lions and black bear have been seen roaming these hills, and bighorn sheep and condors are also in the area. All in all, the Sepse Creek Trail is a wonderful destination for California backpacking.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

The trailhead is located at the Piedra Blanca parking lot, where you're required to have an Adventure Pass.

Camping in the Sespe Wilderness is free and doesn't require a backcountry permit unless you plan on making fires, in which case you will need a fire permit. Summer is brutally hot and dry. Spring yields the best temperatures for the hot springs themselves, but fall and winter are also good times to go.

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Sespe Creek Trail

Rose Valley Road (Forest Route 5N24), Los Padres National Forest
Maricopa, CA, 93252
34.5765, -119.05069

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