Stronghold Climbing Gym

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Huge indoor climbing gym near downtown LA!

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Noah Goldberg-Jaffe


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$20 for a day pass, $170 for a 10-visit pass



We would all love to live in a society where we could be bouldering with friends and climbing meeting lines all day, but unfortunately, some of us have to work during the day. Los Angeles is a great place to seek adventure close to the city, but it can still be difficult to get in your outdoor adventure fix.

What Makes It Great

The Stronghold Climbing Gym is a great place to satisfy your inherent need to move your body and get outside (we know you have them if you are reading this). The massive structure that holds the climbing gym is an historic piece of LA history. While you are climbing you can imagine all that the high vaulted brick ceilings have seen. It was built in 1904 under the design and supervision of the same architect who we can thank for LA’s City Hall and Union Station. Before it held rock climbers, it held boilers that generated steam to spin turbines that fed the city of LA.

No matter your climbing ability, you can find something to do here. They introductory climbing classes throughout the week where they will teach you the basics of how to belay, tie knots, and other climbing techniques. The intermediate climber can boulder and top rope climb on the many routes that are already set up. The expert climber can practice their lead climbing and belaying as they make their way through the gym’s many challenging climbs. There are also nightly yoga classes as well as a small weight room so you can work out your legs and other climbing muscles as your forearms rest between climbs.

The best part about this gym is its sheer size. This place is huge! Not only are the routes long and exciting, the building itself is a sight to behold and will give you awesome insight into LA’s industrial history.

Who is Going to Love It

Climbers of all levels can come here and have fun. Seriously, you’ll see the happiest 4 year old in the world he got to the top of a route in the bouldering section. Serious, advanced climbers can lead climb on the huge overhang in the middle of gym at the same time as beginners boulder up the vBs on the other side. If you have a more average ability on the climbing wall, you can belay with friends on casual routes or find a new friend to belay you from the single climbers whiteboard near the bathrooms.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Located at 650 S Avenue 21 on the Brewery Arts Loft Campus east of Downtown LA. Get there by taking Main Street east out of DTLA and turn onto South Ave 21.

You can park anywhere on this street for as long as you like for free!

You can climb from 7AM-11PM on during the week, 10AM-8PM on Saturdays and 10AM-6PM on Sundays. Of course you will have to pay, it's $20 a day, but well worth it, and more so if you get a monthly membership.

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Stronghold Climbing Gym

650 S Ave 21
Los Angeles, CA, 90031
34.064801, -118.216807

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