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Concrete skate park designed by legendary skateboarder Lance Mountain.

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Skateboarding is an important part of California’s identity. Everyone is not a skateboarder, but there are a lot more people spending time on skateboards in California than anywhere else in this country. With this general popularity comes a certain amount of cultural acceptance (although it is by no means complete). With this cultural acceptance comes a societal assistance. In the city of Los Angeles alone there are twenty-one city skate parks, not to mention the countless other famous street skate spots and private locations.  The Lincoln Park skate park may not be the heart of the skate happy areas of LA like Santa Monica or Venice, but it is still a great spot.

What Makes It Great

The Lincoln Park skate park does not look all that impressive from far away, but this concrete skate paradise is a great spot for local skaters. It was mainly planned by skateboard pioneer and legend Lance Mountain and was funded thanks to a collaboration between CA skateparks, Nike SB, and the Paul Rodriguez Skateboarding Foundation.

This 9,000 square foot park is created on a hill and the “snake run” style course winds down through a serious of quarter pipes and bank ramps that are scattered with creative rails and ledges. This snake run appears to be  heavily influenced by the large number “ditch” skate spots in the canal systems of the greater Los Angeles area that have become a natural playground for skateboarders since the sport’s inception. The second half of the park is comprised of several stair sets with ledges, handrails and a decent sized area of flat ground at the bottom. There is also a small beginner area conveniently placed out of the way of the larger features.

Who is Going to Love It

This skate park will appeal to all levels of skateboarders as well as all styles. It has an enjoyable mix of transition and ramps as well as street style features. The park is ideal for the progression of a skater because of the different sized features. If you are interested in the skateboard industry than you will enjoy this park because it is not unusual to spot a veteran professional skateboarder or an up and coming amateur.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

The Lincoln Park Skate Park sits east of downtown just east of Interstate 5 (“The 5”) and north of Interstate 10 (“The 10”) in the little city park know as Lincoln Park. It is easy to get there from either of those freeways. Use the exits that lead you towards the USC Medical Center/USC Keck School of Medicine as the exit will be different depending on which direction you come from. If taking surface streets, use N Main Street coming in from downtown.

Parking is free and abundant in the parking lot right next to the park to go along with the free admission to the park itself. Wearing a helmet is advisable but not mandatory.

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Lincoln Park Skate Park

3501 Valley Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90031
34.065887, -118.199196

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