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Incredible sandwich spot in Eagle Rock

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Noah Goldberg-Jaffe


The San Gabriel Mountains loom above Los Angeles for all to see. They house the newly minted San Gabriel National Monument, the older Angeles National Forest, and other assorted preserved areas that are ripe with outdoor activities. You will find tons of pieces on this website in this region. Have fun, enjoy the jagged and awesome terrain.

Before you head up into the mountains Eagle Rock is a great place for you to stop. For those not in the know, Eagle Rock is the last line of defense between Los Angeles and Pasadena and other non-LA towns. It is also one of the closest places to fill up your gas tanks and stomachs before you head up the Angeles Crest Highway into the San Gabriel Mountains.

What Makes it Great Remember There are lots of places to eat in this multicultural pseudo-suburban neighborhood that is gaining popularity and housing prices with every added year. You’ll find a whole gaggle of Taco Trucks, Thai food and a bunch of other random options, but the best place to fill your bellies before your big trek or ride is Dave’s Chillin’ and Grillin’(and yes, the g’s were intentionally left out).

Dave’s, as it is called by those in the know, is a local sandwich shop founded and run by Dave and his crew. They serve up hot and cold sandwiches until they run out bread. Not what you expect to see in this day and age, but it’s the truth; Dave really is making sandwiches because he loves it. Dave is a Boston native who has retained his thick Boston native while molding himself to the California lifestyle.

And I know what you are going to say: eating a greasy meatball sandwich before heading out to exert yourself in the hot southern California sun isn’t a good idea, right? Well yes, you are probably right, but that does not take away from the beauty of the Dave sandwich.

Listening to Dave describe his Rosemary Turkey sandwich with avocado will change the way you think about sandwiches. Its frankly, straight up, better than the food channel.

Who’s going to Love It Anyone who loves a good sandwich will find the new Valhalla in this place, extra points if you like eating meat. There are more meat than veggie options at Dave’s to be sure, but that does not mean that you won’t be able to find something tasty. Honestly, this is just a friendly place to go, if you like homecooked food and real, not nicely fake, service, come out to Dave’s and support.

Directions, Parking & Fees The restaurant is located on Colorado Boulevard right where it meets Eagle Rock Boulevard in the heart of Eagle Rock, and is easy to access via both The 134 and The 2 freeways. Free parking lot in the back, with street parking almost always available. He opens at 11 am and close whenever the fresh bread runs out, so getting there around lunchtime is usually your best bet.

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Dave's Chillin'-n-Grillin'

2152 East Colorado Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90141
34.139097, -118.213664

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