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Authentic Indian food that reasonably priced and delicious. The adjacent grocery store is a wonderful resource for an adventurous chef.

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Every athlete has a unique way of refueling after exertion. Some love red meat and potatoes, while others are more into beets and fried tofu. Those who omit meat from their diets are making a committed step towards a lifestyle that doesn’t always yield easy calories. But who needs “easy” eating? If the tech era has taught us anything it’s that we can easily find and obtain the exact food that we desire, regardless of your knowledge of the location. But still some culinary gems are lost in the shuffle of too much information. If you are running, hiking or biking in Griffith Park there are a lot of food options that are located just outside of the park. A favorite for vegetarians, vegans and everyone else is India Sweets and Spices in Atwater Village.

What Makes it Great

India Sweets and Spices can be often overlooked. If you drive past it on your way to Griffith it looks just like a bizarre Indian grocery. The storefront is predominantly bright orange, but has significant red and blue accents. The reason the restaurant is overlooked is because all the windows look in on the expansive grocery store, while the restaurant is not visible from the front. The focus on their grocery is understandable because their selection makes it the largest Indian grocery store in the region. Additionally to food and spices, the grocery sells a large amount of cultural items – such as media and clothing.

The restaurant is extremely reasonably priced and sells nothing that contains meat. The most popular items are their combo plates. These are curry and rice combinations with additional items such as fry bread and samosas, depending on your taste. Most meals there will cost around six to seven dollars and are usually filling. The low price point for vegetarian food should not scare you away, they keep their cost low by only offering a half dozen curry options as the main entrees. These vary daily, but Chole, a spicy chickpea based curry, and lentil soup is there every day.

Who’s Going to Love It

If you are into reasonably priced vegetarian feasts, then this could be a great spot for you. The quality and price of Indian Sweets and Spices is incomparable. The place is great for people with variable palates – just like their name, there are sweet and spicey dishes. Lots of self-described “foodies” are into this place because of its authenticity and the general feel.

Directions and Parking

India Sweets and Spices is located at 3126 Los Feliz Boulevard in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles. From the 5 freeway, exit at Los Feliz Boulevard and head northeast (away from the hills of Griffith Park and towards Glendale). After you cross the LA river continue past the first stop light at Glen Feliz Boulevard, the restaurant will show up on the right on the next block. Parking can be found on the right side, but, if full, there is plenty of metered street parking.

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India Sweets and Spices - Food

3126 Los Feliz Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90039
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