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Surfing the beach break AND point break at County Line.

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Whether you are a weekend warrior, a bonafide beach rat, or just a guy wanting to learn how to stand up on a surfboard, County Line State Beach is a great choice. Located right on PCH right around the County Line between Los Angeles and Ventura Counties (ahhhaaa, get it?) right across from the popular seafood spot Neptunes Net, “County Line” as the locals call it, combines the awesome natural beauty of Malibu’s cliffs with an oft mellow swell and a sandy bottomed beach.

What Makes It Great

While this break rarely is pumping, it is a good wave to surf all year round. Always check the swell of course before making the trek out to County Line; look for W, SW, S, and SSE wave direction to get the best waves. County Line beach is a nice spot due to its convenience, parking and the beautiful sandy beach. Lots of beaches in Malibu (especially in the wintertime) require you to walk out past a painful collection of rocks, County Line is smooth sailing through sand (pretty much, still be careful!).

The beach is far enough away from sprawling metropolis of LA that you feel relatively alone, but close enough that its still makes a pleasant and timely day trip. County Line is great place to surf (or watch your friends go after it) and get amazing views of the rugged California coastline. More often than not, you’ll see some ocean fauna. Dolphin, seal, and even whale sightings are common.

You’ll always find folks from around Southern California sitting on their truck beds watching the swell as it is easily visible from PCH. If you come on a windy day you’ll be lucky enough to see the hoards of kitesurfers and windsurfers who flock to the beach when the conditions are right.

Who is Going to Love It

This is a fun beach for anyone to enjoy. When the swell is right, County Line can get big, but on average, this is a good wave for anyone to surf. Beginner, intermediate, and expert surfers can all find waves here. It is a good place to learn, because even when it is crowded, there are enough different waves that break here so most people can find a spot. If you are a beginner, make sure to be sure to always keep control of your board, even when you wide out. If you are an expert, give try not getting mad at the beginner, everyone has to start somewhere.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

You can park for free all along the west side of PCH, and can always find a spot, you just might have to walk a bit on a crowded summer day. I recommend getting there early so that you can couple your beach adventure with a nice Malibu hike. County Line Beach is set directly below Yerba Buena Road, the gateway to the Santa Monica Mountains. From there you can easily get to Sandstone Peak, the highest point in Santa Monica National Recreation Area.

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Surfing County Line

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