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The beach at Zuma is one of the longest surfing beaches in the state of California.

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The beach at Zuma is one of the longest surfing beaches in the state of California. The famous beach holds a unique place in CA surf history as well as one of the first swells in the region to be made really popular internationally. This beautiful beach epitomizes what Malibu is to a lot of people. Its usually always sunny, it has plenty of perfectly manicured sand, and you’re sure to spot some interesting people if you walk up in down it while taking a break from the surf.

What Makes It Great

In the summer, the beach is packed with beachgoers trying to beat the LA summer heat. Bikini-clad women and men in speedos walk up and down the beach fitting right into the classic California beach stereotype. The winter though, could not be more different. While the waves can be just as good, if not better than the summer swell, you will rarely see crowds relaxing on the beach in similar numbers as 60 degrees is too cold for Californians to don their swim suits.

It stretches for almost two miles along the Pacific Ocean, so it is actually broken up into two different beach breaks. “Zuma” is what the locals call the main break that extends along the main beach. “Westwards” is the other break that is at the southernmost section of the beach. They are both fun waves that can get pretty crowded, mostly in the summertime, but be careful because when the beaches are crowded, the lifeguards will dictate which areas are for swimming and which are for surfing. They get p

Be careful out there girls and guys. The wave is no joke. Many a board has been cracked by a heavy Zuma swell. The riptide can be strong, and the wave heavy, but it can definitely be worth the journey.

Who is Going to Love It

Moderate to experienced surfers will enjoy this spot. You really will love this place though if you come out in the summertime. It’s the perfect place for a classic beach day. Bring friends who don’t surf and they are sure not to complain as there is plenty of space to relax on the beach and/or toss a Frisbee.

Professional or sponsored surfers often frequent this spot so keep an eye out for the high level of surfing that is often on showcase. Even if you don’t surf and want to watch some guys up close, this place is a nice choice as well.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Take PCH twenty miles north from Santa Monica. There is big beach parking lot at Zuma beach where you can park for a $3-$8 during the winter or $3-$12.50 during the summer. If you don’t like fees, park on PCH where parking is always free.

To get to “Westwards,” take the left hand turn at Westwards Beach Road (the penultimate left turn before Zuma) and follow it until you see a place to park. Westwards, and Zuma are essentially the same break, they are connected by the same beach but Zuma beach is so long they get broken up into to.

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Zuma Beach

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